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Why Size Matters When it Comes to Industrial Boilers

Why Size Matters When it Comes to Industrial Boilers

Size doesn’t always matter in life, but it does when it comes to industrial boilers. Of course, as it pertains to boilers, smaller is better. Compact modular boilers like the ones manufactured by Miura offer far more flexibility and functionality than larger traditional boilers, making them the best choice for companies in a wide variety of industries.

Miura’s compact boilers are roughly half the size of conventional boilers. Miura boilers also don’t require door-swing space or tube-pull space, which helps to free up even more room inside a boiler room or steam plant. As a result, multiple Miura boilers can fit into the same footprint as one traditional boiler, creating freedom and flexibility for your boiler system. For instance, it’s possible to have multiple boilers working in conjunction with one another on the same system. When steam needs are low, boilers that aren’t needed can be shut off entirely, knowing they can be turned back on and start producing steam in less than five minutes. This is not a luxury offered by conventional fire tube boilers.

Using smaller boilers also makes it possible to install them at the point-of-use. This helps to eliminate the amount of energy that is often wasted during transmission. Even if every boiler remains in a central location, using smaller boilers creates more space inside the boiler room or steam plant. This makes it easy to add more boilers to the system at a later date if steam needs increase.

For companies using traditional boilers that fill up an entire boiler room, adding an extra boiler will mean an expensive remodeling project in order to create space for the new boiler. This is a hassle you can avoid with Miura’s compact boilers. For companies building a new facility, using smaller boilers means you don’t have to dedicate quite as much space to your boiler room, which can be advantageous in a number of ways.

Most importantly, Miura’s compact boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers, which can help you save money on energy costs. Traditional boilers can take more than an hour to get started, and if they’re left on standby when not in use, they’re still wasting expensive fuel. When using multiple Miura boilers, the ones not in use can be shut off, only to turn on again when they’re needed. In short, a system of smaller boilers can produce as much steam as a larger conventional boiler but they do so in a way that’s more efficient and less expensive.

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