What is the Safest Type of Industrial Boiler?

What is the Safest Type of Industrial Boiler?

When working with industrial steam boilers, safety is always the top priority — at least it should be. While boiler disasters are few and far between nowadays, they do happen with traditional firetube boilers on occasion. If you want a virtual guarantee that nothing can go wrong with an industrial boiler, you’ll want to use watertube boilers, specifically those manufactured by Miura, as they are the safest industrial boilers available.

The biggest difference between Miura’s watertube boilers and conventional firetube boilers is the amount of water inside the boiler. In fire tube boilers, several hundred or even thousands gallons of water serve as a heat shield to protect the metal parts of the boiler, but if the boiler were to run low on water, the metal inside the boiler shrinks. If cold water is then introduced into the boiler, the metal may quickly expand and lead to an explosion.

With Miura’s watertube boilers, such an explosion is virtually impossible. Watertube boilers use roughly 10 percent of the water inside a firetube boiler at any given moment. The water is also contained in circular tubes that are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure. Even if one of the tubes were to crack or leak, the problem would remain localized to that one tube and not have a serious impact on the rest of the boiler.

Miura’s boilers also come with a number of safety measures to help ensure that small problems can be taken care of quickly before they become big problems. If the operator bypasses certain safety measures, the boiler will not start. Miura also offers a monitoring system called MOM that allows Miura reps to access data about a particular boiler remotely and in real time. If there’s a problem, a Miura rep can troubleshoot with onsite staff to help resolve it without needing a mechanic to address the problem in person.

When it comes to safety, the proof is in the pudding. Miura currently has more than 140,000 once-through boilers in operation worldwide and none of them have ever experienced a pressure vessel explosion. Even with the chances of a boiler explosion smaller than they’ve ever been, more and more companies are opting for Miura boilers to ensure that there will never be a serious safety issue with one of their boilers.

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