Textile Industry Case Studies

Textile Industry Case Studies

Miura boilers are efficient, reliable, safe, and highly adaptive to the fluctuating steam demands of textile manufacturing facilities. For textile companies looking to upgrade their manufacturing efficiency with an impressively quick steam output, Miura boilers are the clear choice.

Why are steam boilers important for the textile industry? Textile manufacturing facilities require a quick steam solution that can heat water efficiently to 265 degrees Fahrenheit for the dyeing and finishing processes.

Case studies

Read the detailed case study below to learn why Miura is the steam boiler company of choice for performance fabric manufacturing.

Glen Raven

Based in Glen Raven, North Carolina, Glen Raven Technical Fabrics, LLC specializes in creating performance fabrics used for awnings, casual furniture, sails and boat canopies, and many other demanding outdoor applications. The company recently upgraded its textile dyeing and finishing infrastructure by installing five Miura EX- 300 industrial steam boilers. Engineered for quick start-up, fuel economy, and reduced emissions, Miura boilers provide Glen Raven with the flexibility it needs to meet the ever-changing demands of its manufacturing processes.

"We’re running anywhere from 80 to 87 percent efficient with the Miura boilers. We have an erratic steam load, but you can bring these boilers up fast and have them online in about ten minutes."
— Steve Holt, recently retired Head Operator and Plant Engineer.

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