Healthcare Case Studies

Healthcare Case Studies

As the world leader in ultra-low NOx modular on-demand steam solutions, Miura modular boilers are reliable, safe, and highly adaptive to the fluctuating steam demands of medical facilities.

What are steam boilers used for in medical facilities? Because load demands can vary greatly in a short span of time, a reliable, safe and energy efficient steam boiler is a necessary and integral part of any hospital operation. Miura industrial boilers offer space-savings incentives that will transform and improve the layout of your new or existing boiler room and will keep your steam going in the event of an occurring boiler issue.

Case studies

Over the years, we've helped numerous hospitals streamline their operations with our highly efficient steam solutions. Read the detailed case studies below for a look at how Miura steam boilers have played a role in supporting these facilities.

Manchester Memorial Hospital

In a partnership with Siemens, Miura Boilers significantly reduced energy consumption for eastern Connecticut's Manchester Memorial Hospital by replacing the facility's aging oil-fired boilers with four 150-horsepower, dual-fuel EX-150 SGO boilers from Miura. In addition to the on-demand steam and energy efficient boilers, Miura provided a complete water treatment and remote monitoring system to concurrently increase the hospital's conservation efforts. As a result of this ambitious conservation plan, the hospital was able to secure over $1.2 million in financial incentives.


Bryce State Hospital

"We chose to install three Miura LX 100 and three Miura LX 50 high-efficiency steam boilers because of their energy savings, compact size, and ability to go from a cold start to full steam in five minutes. We have three different patient-care buildings, so we paired a Miura LX 100 boiler with a Miura LX 50 boiler and installed them as a set into each building. Once the new Miura boilers were commissioned and the large fire tube boiler was retired, the natural gas savings were staggering: almost 50% less gas consumption from day one of the Miura start-up."
— Bob White, Director of Engineering


Intermountain Healthcare

"The mechanical advantages of Miura boilers are a big part of our solution. Our system goes beyond simply buying and installing Miura boilers, to a custom integration of our systems that enables us to use an iPad to cycle the boilers, turn them on and off, switch them around, and change their pressure set points."
— Troy Jensen, Corporate Energy Manager


Southeastern Healthcare

“After doing our own research, we visited hospitals that had chosen Miura. Our engineering staff and design engineer came away impressed with the versatility of the boilers from an operational perspective, and also the ease of maintenance. After further investigation we became believers that these little units could do the job and we designed the new plant around Miura Boilers.”
— Joe Buri, Director of Facility Services


Unity Point Meriter Healthcare

“Miura boilers are very efficient compared to the boilers that we replaced,” added Unzicker. “Low NOx was also an important consideration, but what we really liked was the fact that these boilers recovered very quickly. With Miura’s low-water content design, they start up within a few minutes and begin producing steam. We have been able to put at least sixty pounds of steam (per square inch) in the entire hospital system within about fifteen minutes or so, where it used to take the old boilers hours to recover.”
— Ryan Unzicker, Facilities Manager

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