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What’s Miura’s Track Record for Boiler Safety?

What’s Miura’s Track Record for Boiler Safety?

Of all the benefits of Miura boilers, safety is near the top of the list. Boiler explosions are not exactly a common occurrence, but when they happen, they can have catastrophic consequences. However, that’s never been an issue with any of Miura’s boilers, as the company has an impeccable track record when it comes to safety. With over 150,000 Miura once-through pressure vessels in operation throughout the world, there has never been a serious explosion.

The key to Miura’s unblemished safety record is the water tube design of its boilers that is much safer and requires much less water than traditional boilers. In conventional fire tube boilers, there may be 2,000 gallons of water inside a boiler, much of it acting as a heat shield to prevent the metal inside the boiler from melting. However, if the water inside the boiler starts to run low, the boiler can be at risk for a severe explosion.

This is not the case with water tube boilers because the water is safely inside the tubes. The tubes are designed to withstand high amounts of heat and pressure, and with the cooler flame inside Miura’s boilers compared to conventional boilers, these tubes almost never crack or break. Even if one of them were to crack, the problem would remain localized to that one tube and not affect the rest of the boiler.

Miura boilers also come with additional safety measures that are missing from most conventional boilers. If an operator attempts to bypass certain safety measures and controls, the boiler will not fire and won’t be operational. This ensures that all safety procedures are followed, further reducing the chances of something going wrong.

Finally, Miura offers a remote monitoring system called MOM that allows Miura representatives to view real-time data of any Miura boiler. This helps Miura technicians figure out if there’s a problem with the boiler and troubleshoot with onsite personnel to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Even without physically inspecting the boiler, the MOM system allows minor issues to be solved before they become bigger problems, which is another reason for Miura’s flawless safety record.

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