Miura Boiler Start Up

TRANSCRIPT: Miura is bringing boiler technology into the 21st century with on-demand boiler systems, providing superior energy management capability with industry-leading performance. So impressive that we measure boiler performance with a stopwatch. See for yourself how Miura's on-demand technology provides steam in less than five minutes.

Starting up the system is as simple as pressing a button, and in less time than it takes to get your first cup of coffee the system has achieved operating pressure and is ready to meet low demands on demand. Focus your attention on the control screen to the left. Firs the pre-purge sequence will initiate to ventilate the combustion chamber prior to firing the boiler. Next, within 15 seconds the ignition sequence will begin. The pilot will initiate in preparation for firing. Following the pilot, the boiler controller will initiate the main ignition sequence, beginning with low fire combustion. Finally, high fire will engage within 45 seconds and be maintained until operating pressure is attained.

Conventional boiler systems significantly constrain energy management to their own innate design weaknesses. And rather than supporting optimized thermal energy performance force energy managers to settle for what limited performance the boiler system can provide.

In looking closer at the total energy-mass balance signifying the efficiency of a boiler over its operating cycle, it is obvious that many operational loses contribute to its overall in-service efficiency, including exhaust loses, radiant shell loses, start up loses, pre and post purge loses, blow down loses, loses at high turn down, loses during changing loads, and during idling.

Miura has reverse engineered its on-demand systems to specifically address the design weaknesses, and associated operating losses of conventional boilers, to give energy managers the flexibility to optimize their thermal energy plant based upon sound management practices, rather than settling for the sup optimum performance offered from antiquated and obsolete technology.

In essence, Miura's innovative technology extends the kind of on-demand performance that tankless water heaters bring to residential water heating, to large scale commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. With proportional energy savings averaging around 20% in annual energy savings for typical system installations. Using Miura's MI system, multiple boiler units sequentially staged by a master controller, on-demand performance can be combined with modularity to offer scalability for output capacities customized to suit a diversity of applications, from point of use installations to centralized district energy systems with superior energy performance.

Miura combines product performance and flexibility with a complete package of support systems and services, including robust boiler water monitoring and management systems, integrated online system dashboard, extended system stewardship via comprehensive maintenance programs, and project planning support via metered boiler performance benchmarking analysis.

Miura's ultimate goal to be the total steam system solutions provider, supporting long-term optimization of our customer's thermal energy systems, by reducing their boilers physical energy and environmental footprint.

Let's keep watching for a few moments as the pressure continues to build rapidly towards operating levels.

As we count the final seconds down to reaching operating pressure and conclude our virtual startup, Miura thanks you for your interest in future business. As an emerging new technology we understand that the burden falls on us to prove ourselves to the marketplace, and so, we endeavor to provide a virtual window into our boiler test bay to showcase on-demand performance in real time.

In closing, Miura would like to acknowledge all of the combined engineering expertise and skilled craftsmanship that go into every boiler as it makes its way through manufacturing to our test bay, and out into the market on demand.

Miura, bringing boiler technology into the 21st century with on-demand boiler systems.