The Top Industrial Boilers On The Market

The Top Industrial Boilers On The Market

Finding the right industrial boiler is no easy task. Each facility and industry has different needs and specifications, not to mention a different budget. Since boilers are an expensive and important piece of equipment, finding the perfect fit requires a lot of homework. To help you out a little in your search for the right boiler, here’s a look at top industrial boilers by Miura that are available on the market.

Miura EX Series

In terms of efficiency, they don’t get much better than Miura boilers. The EX series is a water tube boiler that uses “floating header” technology, making it both safe and fast to get started. From a cold startup, Miura’s EX boilers can start producing steam in less than five minutes and have a fuel-to-steam efficiency rating of 85 percent. The EX model also comes equipped with several safety features, including scale monitoring to help ensure that your boiler keeps running at peak efficiency for many years to come. Finally, it’s important not to forget that it can run on propane, natural gas, or #2 oil, so switching fuels is easy and can help you save on operating costs.

Miura LX Series

Miura’s LX series has the same “floating header” technology as the EX series, as well as the same quick startup, 85 percent fuel-to-steam efficiency, and early scale monitoring features. However, one of the main distinctions is its size. The LX series has roughly 50 percent the footprint of traditional fire tube boilers, which means a lot more space in the boiler room, as well as greater savings in fuel and smaller radiation losses. Miura’s LX boilers are also designed to limit NOx emissions, lowering them by as much as 9ppm because of the way the boiler runs via a more controlled burn.

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