The Best Steam Boilers for Craft Breweries

The Best Steam Boilers for Craft Breweries

Those who love craft beer are living in a golden era. There are countless craft breweries located in every corner of the world producing unique and high-quality beverages for all of us (who are over 21) to enjoy. Of course, the secret ingredient in any craft beer is a great boiler system. Steam boilers are essential to any brewing operation, and so craft brewers both big and small need to make sure they pick the right one.

While many breweries have become accustomed to using traditional boilers, the best option for most breweries nowadays is a modular water tube boiler from Miura. Either the EX or LX models from Miura should be able to meet the needs of any modern-day craft brewery.

The biggest difference between Miura’s water tube boilers and old-fashioned boilers is that Miura’s boilers can be turned on in a matter of minutes. With a conventional boiler, if a brewery shuts down production for the weekend, come Monday morning, it’ll take hours to get their boiler up and running. However, one of Miura’s water tube boilers can get started in just a few minutes. When workers are ready to start the brewing process, they can flip a switch on their Miura boiler and be brewing within minutes.

An old-fashioned boiler will either waste time getting started or waste fuel running on standby when it’s not being used. A small brewery can’t afford either of these. They need a boiler that reaches maximum levels of efficiency as quickly as possible, which is exactly what Miura’s boilers do — saving breweries time, energy, and money.

Miura’s boilers are also great space savers. Conventional boilers take up a disproportionate amount of the space within a brewery, limiting how much room they have to create their delicious concoctions. On the other hand, Miura’s boilers are quite compact. The LX model can actually fit through a doorway. This can be a game-changer for some breweries. The compact size of Miura’s boilers give brewers more space to make their product.

Perhaps most importantly, Miura boilers are far more environmentally friendly than traditional boilers. Many breweries are environmentally conscious, and with Miura, they have a boiler that cuts down on both water and fuel consumption — improving both conservation and sustainability. With environmental benefits on top of added efficiency and space flexibility, there’s little doubt that craft breweries are better off using Miura’s boilers rather than sticking with older, conventional boilers.

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