Online Maintenance

The Miura Online Maintenance System (MOM) monitors your industrial boilers' operating conditions for easy troubleshooting and solutions. It's also capable of connecting your boiler to Miura's own in-house engineering experts should any problem arise. MOM works with the BL Micro Controller and XJ-1 on your boiler to allow online communication from your boiler to our office.

Monitor your industrial boiler with comprehensive reports

As part of MOM's comprehensive reporting, you get detailed information about your steam boiler such as:

  • Burner history
  • Fault history
  • Thermal control and maintenance data
  • Scale monitor graph
  • Calculated fuel consumption
  • ...and more!

MOM ships with every steam boiler and requires only one analog phone line per system. It speeds up the maintenance process by diagnosing the precise fault conditions, as well as alerting maintenance staff to warnings before they become problems. MOM even provides monthly reports for your records.

What our customers are saying

"We have MOM tied to our campus automation system and can access the boilers remotely through a VPS [virtual private server] and secure VPN [virtual private network]. This has made things a lot better in our whole HVAC world. Temperatures are more stable inside classrooms and throughout the university."

— Tim Rychlec, Executive Director of Facilities and Maintenance Services, Texas Southern University

"These Miura boilers are designed like a computer. They have computer sensors that constantly monitor boiler operations and a screen that displays this information: steam pressure, temperature, water level, water quality, etc. There’s also a status light for quick status reference."

— Henry Kao, Chief Engineer, Univeg

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