Control at the Touch of a Button

Boiler Monitoring and Control

Every Miura steam boiler features a built-in microprocessor interface known as a BL Micro Controller. This feature keeps track of multiple individual monitoring points. As an advanced diagnostic system, it can identify any potential challenges to ensuring a smooth steam boiler operation and recommend a solution on an easy-to-read, English language display.

Enjoy compatibility with all other Miura products

This system can also be accessed via the Internet with Miura Online Maintenance (known as "MOM") for remote monitoring and diagnostics. The BL Micro Controller can also interface with Miura’s Colormetry feature, which monitors water quality to prevent the build-up of scale inside the boiler. We recommend users opt to use Miura’s own BOILERMATE® water-treatment chemicals — the main ingredient of which is silicate, an environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor.

What our customers are saying

"As long as you give them a phone line, Miura has proven effective in monitoring practically everything about our system. Everything from the hardness of your water, to what your boilers are doing, to any alarms you’ve received. The nice thing about Miura is simplicity in operation, which reduces the requirements for specialized training to operate them. It’s a phone call and a screwdriver for most things. If you do have an issue you can call Miura 24 hours a day, give them your code, and they can see your boiler online."

— Tory Jensen, Corporate Energy Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

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