Rental Boilers Are A Thing Of The Past

TRANSCRIPT: With Miura Boiler's new Quick Ship Xpress program rental boilers are a thing of the past. As one of the world's largest steam boiler manufacturers, Miura can now have a 50 to 600 horsepower steam boiler up and running in your facility in just days. Miura Boilers are manufactured in the USA at our Rockmart, Georgia facility. Imagine the benefits of owning a Miura Boiler with our unique cold start to full steam in less than five minutes advantage and having it online in the time it takes to install a rental unit. Think of the advantages. Eliminate high rental boiler costs. React quickly to natural disasters. Replace inefficient boilers fast. Stay ahead of production demands. Substantially minimize downtime.

Quick Ship Xpress was designed to help customers who need steam fast and don't have the luxury of waiting for weeks, even months just to get their processes back up and running. This program is the ultimate alternative to a rental boiler that can cost up to $20,000 per month plus the cost of installation. In many cases, Miura can ship a boiler to you in as little as 24 to 48 hours and arrange for fast installation. Consider the story of this major soft drink manufacturer who needed to increase their production while having to deal with an older repair intensive boiler. As a Miura regional sales manager tells it:

We received a call from a popular soft drink manufacturer in Southern Florida. They were having major scaling issues with a boiler they had purchased from another company. Alarms were constantly going off. They needed a new boiler fast and were hoping that Miura could make it happen. They made it clear that they wanted to avoid a costly rental and the associated downtime since a rental meant installation, uninstallation, and installation of the new unit down the road. Fortunately for them, Miura was about to announce the launch of their Quick Ship Xpress program. Timing is everything and for this customer calling Miura at the right time gave them everything they wanted. Days later, a new Miura LX200 Gas Low NOx series steam boiler that replaced their failing 100 horsepower unit was delivered and installed.

Miura's Quick Ship Xpress program is a game changer, and now everyone can take advantage of this revolutionary new way to meet your time sensitive industrial boiler requirements without the need for a rental boiler. Miura Boilers are among the most reliable, efficient, and safest boilers in the world. The Quick Ship Xpress program is one more reason to switch to Miura. Manufactured in the USA in our Rockmart, Georgia facility. For more information visit or call 1-888-309-5574 today.