Miura America Co, Ltd. understands the critical importance of maintaining safe, well-designed industrial boiler system.

That's why we've designed and engineered modular, low-water-content steam boilers with the intention of achieving this goal. Miura boilers also come with additional safety measures that are missing from most conventional boilers, such as a remote monitoring system that allows Miura technicians to view real-time data of any Miura boiler that requires maintenance.

With more than 140,000 units in operation world-wide, Miura’s “Safer by Design” boilers have experienced zero catastrophic vessel failures and zero casualties. That’s the best safety record in the industry. The best part? Miura boilers accomplish this while also maximizing reliability and efficiency.

Read our entire "Safer By Design" white paper to learn more about how Miura water tube boilers are intrinsically safer than conventional fire tube boilers.

Steam Boiler Safety: Frequently Asked Questions

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Miura America Co., Ltd. celebrates 30 years in business as North America’s leading manufacturer of the world’s most efficient, safe, and reliable boiler systems.

Miura's 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GATo mark this important milestone, honored guests, employees, vendors, representative partners, and members of Miura’s distribution network were invited to enjoy a 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia on May 24, 2017.

Set along the breezy banks of the Chattahoochee River, the anniversary event featured words from several distinguished speakers, including Mr. Takashi Shinozuka, Consul-General of Japan in Atlanta; Mr. Scott McMurray, Division Director of the Georgia Department of Economic Development; and Mr. Yuji Takahashi, Chairman of Miura Co., Ltd.

Miura America opened the doors of its first manufacturing facility on May 28, 1987, in the city of Brantford, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A few years later in 1991, Miura America opened sales offices in Chicago and Los Angeles to better meet the needs of the growing U.S. market area. In 2009, a brand new U.S. manufacturing facility opened its doors in the city of Rockmart, Georgia. Located just an hour outside of Atlanta in Polk County, the Rockmart facility is responsible for manufacturing Miura’s LX boiler series, which meets lower NOx standards, reduces maintenance and monitoring needs, and does not require as much physical space.

As the official representative of the Japanese government in the Southeast U.S., Consul-General Shinozuka recognized the importance of Miura’s Rockmart facility in strengthening the economic and cultural relations between Japan and the state of Georgia: “Miura stands out as a leader for factory safety and security standards, [and] with over 100 employees in Georgia, Miura provides a huge economic value to the local economy.”

McMurray further illustrated the special relationship between Miura and the state of Georgia by recounting the story of how he, in his former role as a project manager for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, assisted the company in choosing Rockmart, Georgia as the site of their U.S. factory.

“Miura was looking for a community that had good labor, good logistics, good incentives, and great leadership,” McMurray explains. “We found all of that in Polk County, and when we showed Miura the beautiful spec building that was there in Rockmart, all of the pieces came together to make this a truly successful project for both the community, the state, and the company.”

The 30-year success of Miura America is bolstered by its Japan-based parent company, Miura Co., Ltd., which was founded in the city of Matsuyama in 1959.

“Compact once-through boilers were born at Miura Japan,” Yuji Takahashi, Chair of Miura Co., Ltd, reflects in his speech. “Almost 95 percent of industrial boilers manufactured in Japan are once-through boilers, [and] Miura now has factories not only in US and Canada but in Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, and Brazil.”

Even as Miura America reflects on the past 30 years of innovation and success, the company is already looking ahead to a future that is safer and more energy-efficient.

“I believe our greatest milestones are yet to come, highlighted by our goal and focus on becoming the number one boiler manufacturer in the world,” remarks Doug MacMaster, Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations at Miura America Co., Ltd.

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Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA
Miura 30th anniversary luncheon at Canoe in Atlanta, GA

Why Build an Ultra Low Water Content On-Demand Steam Boiler?

Sometimes in life, we lose sight of the forest for the trees. For many years, Miura has touted the benefits of their ultra low water content, “on demand” high pressure steam boiler design. We’ve marketed benefits such as the reduced footprint, quick start up, and “on demand” responsive performance, which, as an industry first, allows multiple steam boilers to be successfully operated in a modular arrangement. Further, this modular approach has shown itself to be capable of delivering superior performance over industrial watertube and firetube designs, both in responsiveness to varying steam demands, as well as a providing a more redundant, integrated system. Especially relevant, have been the resulting efficiency gains, with accompanying lower emissions, that result from operating the boilers in an on demand, modular arrangement, rather than modulating a single large boiler, or a couple of boilers to match steam demand.

Why Build an Ultra Low Water Content On-Demand Steam Boiler?
by Michael Gerhart
A Case for Modular, On-Demand Steam Boilers

Benefits and Operation Strategies for Facility Engineers and Operators

By Nick McBride, Assistant Vice President of U.S. Engineering, Miura America Company

Modular, on-demand boilers are not exactly new. They have been in use since at least the 1980s and have proven to be reliable, highly efficient alternatives to larger boiler systems. Yet many engineers, designers and facility operators seem reluctant to adopt them, despite their unique combination of high-pressure output, low energy consumption and space-saving compact design. There is no longer any reason to hesitate harnessing all their advantages.

Those advantages are certainly well established. In fact, the Federal Energy Management Program issued a bulletin stating, “If building loads are highly variable, as is common in commercial buildings, designers should consider installing multiple small modular boilers… modular systems are more efficient because they allow each boiler to operate at or close to full rated load most of the time, with reduced standby losses.” Read More by clicking the link below:

Miura Sponsors Welding Education Program in Polk County, Georgia

As one of the largest employers in Polk County, the Miura America team jumped at the chance to give back to their community by donating to the Poly County College and Career Academy to advance learning opportunities for local students.

Miura's own Mark Utzinger and Cody Nichols handed over a donation of $10,000 to welding instructor Matt Hayden to help grow the College and Career Academy's welding program. The money will sponsor a specialty welding booth within the school's welding shop.

"Partnerships, such as the one we have with Miura, are key to the college and career academy concept," Dr. Katie Thomas, CEO of Polk County College and Career Academy, told Northwest Georgia News. "In order to be successful, we have to work closely with our local business and industry. It only makes sense that our local employers have a say in what critical skills we should be teaching our students so that ultimately they are not only educated when they graduate, but also employable."

This is just one example of Miura's commitment to thinking globally and acting locally. Miura holds a position on the advisory board of Polk County College and Career Academy, and the company is also a Business and Industry partner for the local Chamber of Commerce.

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Since 1927, Miura has been committed to developing, manufacturing and servicing the most efficient steam, hot water and modular boiler systems in the world. And that commitment extends to more than simply lower fuel consumption. Miura steam boilers meet lower NOx standards, reduce maintenance and monitoring needs, and reduce space requirements. Today, Miura boilers continue to push the boundaries of what efficiency really means and what value in your boiler room can mean to your bottom line.

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