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BP Panel

The BP panel allows your boilers and accessories to work as a coordinated, efficient unit.


Miura’s SteamNet provides real-time monitoring of your boiler system.

BL Controller

Every Miura boiler features a built-in processor interface known as a BL Controller.

WP2 Panel

The WP2 panel is a communication hub for your Miura water treatment system.

Colormetry Hardness Detector

Prevent water hardness damage to your boiler with Miura’s Colormetry Hardness Detection System.

Chemical Monitoring System

Miura’s chemical control system offers accurate administration of BOILERMATE® levels to protect your boiler.

Steam-as-a-Service — The Future of Steam Generation

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Why rent
When you can buy now?

Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress is designed for customers who need steam fast. Through this program, your brand new boiler is installed in the same time it takes to get a temporary rental boiler up and running.