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How to Find the Most Efficient Industrial Steam Boiler

How to Find the Most Efficient Industrial Steam Boiler

The merits of efficiency are immense. That’s especially true when it comes to industrial boilers. An efficient boiler room can save a multitude of costs over its lifetime. Unfortunately, when many companies test their boiler’s energy efficiency, they find the numbers disturbing, to say the least. As Miura sales representative Brandon Hargett of Greensboro, North Carolina’s Boiler Master Inc. states, “the efficiency of your boilers are going to contribute directly onto what your cost of ownership is going to be over a 25-year life cycle.”

So, how do you find the most efficient industrial boiler? Which industrial boiler is the most energy-efficient?

Miura LX Series boilers

You don’t have to look very far to find the most efficient boilers. Miura is famed for developing innovative, ultra-low water content on-demand steam boilers that are short on cost and long on efficiency.

“The LX Series boilers are equipped with a high-efficiency rating right off the shelf,” Hargett explains. “When I say ‘off the shelf’ — that’s without adding any additional combustion trim or flue gas recirculation to the unit.”

Efficient use of space

When working with Miura customers, Hargett often likens the LX Series models as the “Cadillac” of the Miura line.

Of course, that’s only in terms of their superior performance — in terms of their size, they are a far cry from the hulking presence of these classic Landshark cars. In fact, the LX boilers have the smallest footprint per horsepower output. The compact size takes just 50 percent of the space required by a traditional fire tube boiler, and they don’t need the pull-space that conventional boilers require.

Unparalleled energy efficiency

There are basically two standards of measuring a boiler system’s efficiency: its fuel-to-steam efficiency (how much fuel it consumes at maximum capacity) and its in-service efficiency (how a boiler system responds in everyday use). The LX Series Industrial Boilers exceed expectations in both categories. These units feature a computer-aided design that provides optimal heating surface transfer. Minimal water content is required to gain fuel-to-steam efficiencies of 85 percent. A fire-tube boiler generally produces up to 83 percent fuel-to-steam efficiencies. It’s important to note that, with actual use, Miura boilers can save your organization 10-40 percent on fuel compared to traditional firetube boilers.

Low NOx emissions

Efficiency isn’t just about conserving energy and costs; it’s also about eco-friendliness and reducing the amount of harmful emissions. Given recent reports and concerns about global warming, the need for low emission boilers is more critical than ever. With steam boilers, one key emissions standard is the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) released into the environment. When a steam boiler is considered low NOx or ultra-low NOx, it releases far fewer of these harmful agents into the environment, and you can safely say you have a “green” boiler system. This is why environmentally conscious companies prefer modular water-tube boilers, and why you should care about your own boiler’s NOx emissions.

The LX Series is specifically designed to meet or exceed low NOx emissions standards. Hargett adds that the LX Series models are made to meet “stringent low NOx criteria in certain parts of the country, just strictly based upon their pressure vessel design and how their flue gas temperatures and their burner flame temperatures run much cooler because we’re compacting the pressure vessel.” The end result is a boiler system that can help your company meet it sustainability goals, and even help with LEED certification.

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Get more information about Miura’s LX series boilers

If you’re unsure whether your steam boiler is energy efficient or whether your business needs a low NOx boiler, we are happy to help.

To learn more about the LX series, call Miura America at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.