How Safe Are Industrial Steam Boilers?

How Safe Are Industrial Steam Boilers?

If we’re being completely honest, firetube boilers may never be completely fail-safe. It’d be almost impossible to get to a point where there are no boiler-related explosions or mishaps anywhere in the world. That all changes with watertube boilers.

Miura is an example of a steam boiler manufacturer that has made safety a top priority. That’s because Miura boilers won’t ever fail in a way that causes massive destruction. The once-through design of Miura’s watertube boilers makes them inherently safer than conventional boilers. Watertube boilers require less water than conventional firetube boilers, making a large-scale explosion next to impossible.

The engineering technology and parts used by Miura to create its steam boilers are second to none. This allows Miura to be the only manufacturer in the boiler industry to offer a Pressure Vessel Guarantee against corrosion, meaning our boilers will stand the test of time, relinquishing any fear that old parts or outdated technology will lead to safety issues down the line.

Miura utilizes a monitoring system called MOM that allows the company to remotely monitor boilers online. This allows Miura to gather real-time data on the boiler and assist those onsite with any troubleshooting that may be necessary. Such a system allows Miura to detect a potential problem before it becomes serious, using the company’s expertise and experience to solve it, providing an extra layer of safety.

With more than 140,000 units in operation worldwide, Miura has never had a once-through pressure vessel explosion resulting in casualty. Ever. Miura boilers are intrinsically safer by design. With low water content combined with unique boiler geometry, catastrophic vessel failure is practically impossible. Miura boilers also have numerous safeguards beyond primary vessel safety to ensure not only safe operations but also high efficiency and reliable operation. Contact us today to learn more about our boilers’ impressive track record for safety.