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How Miura Modular Steam Boilers Save Lives in Hospitals

How Miura Modular Steam Boilers Save Lives in Hospitals

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes of a hospital that ensures the facility will function properly day after day. One such aspect that is often forgotten and overlooked is the hospital’s boiler system. Obviously, you don’t visit the boiler room in a hospital when you’re there as a visitor or patient, but without it, the hospital would struggle to treat people in need.

Hospitals require steam for more than just providing heat. They need it to keep the air humid enough to prevent patients, visitors, and hospital workers from getting infections. Steam is also essential for keeping medical equipment used during surgeries properly sterilized. If the boiler system in a hospital were to malfunction for a significant period of time, the hospital wouldn’t be able to perform surgeries, everyone inside would be at increased risk of illness, and the hospital may actually have to shut down completely and move patients to other facilities.

As you can see, the boiler is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a hospital, and so every hospital needs to find the best boiler possible. Fortunately, Miura’s modular steam boilers are ideal for hospitals. They are efficient, reliable, and capable of meeting all of a hospital’s needs. Here are a couple of examples of how Miura’s boilers played a significant role in saving lives.

Southeastern Healthcare

Southeastern Healthcare is a hospital in Lumberton, North Carolina that treats 16,000 inpatients and 65,000 emergency patients every year. When it came time to upgrade the hospital’s steam plant, Joe Buri, Director of Facility Services, was intrigued by the ability of Miura boilers to start producing steam in a manner of minutes. He was also impressed by how easy it was to inspect the boilers, with a single person being capable of doing so in just a few hours.

Southeastern Healthcare ended up installing four Miura boilers. Those four boilers actually took up less space than their old boilers but allowed them to increase the total horsepower in their steam plant. The ease with which Miura’s modular boilers can be turned on and off has allowed Southeastern Healthcare to reduce the amount of fuel they use. For instance, the boiler that supplies the laundry area can now be turned off during nights and weekends instead of running on idle and wasting fuel. In total, the hospital has reduced its fuel usage by 20%, helping save money and allowing the hospital to run more efficiently.

Read Miura’s Southeastern Healthcare case study.

UnityPoint Health – Meriter

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, UnityPoint Health – Meriter has long been recognized as one of the top hospitals in the country, serving a wide range of patients in south central Wisconsin. When it came time to upgrade its steam plant, UnityPoint Health – Meriter replaced its three existing boilers with five of Miura’s modular steam boilers. The change opened up additional space in their steam plant, giving them the option to add a sixth boiler in the future.

The ability to generate steam so quickly is the feature of Miura’s boilers that was most attractive to UnityPoint Health – Meriter. Winters in Wisconsin can get quite cold, with temperatures falling well below zero. This means the hospital has to be able to produce large amounts of steam in a short period of time so that they can continue to supply patients and staff with heat, hot water, proper sterilization, and adequate amounts of humidity.

After installing five Miura boilers, this is much easier to accomplish. The low water content of Miura boilers allows them to start up quickly and start generating steam within minutes. When demand for steam is high, the hospital sometimes needs at least 60 pounds of steam per square inch. With its old boilers, this used to take several hours, but with Miura boilers, it can be done in roughly 15 minutes, which is a huge difference when it comes to treating patients and keeping everyone in the hospital comfortable.

UnityPoint Health – Meriter is also pleased with the many safety features of Miura boilers and how easy it is to perform standard maintenance and yearly inspections. On top of that, reducing emissions of NOx was also an important reason why UnityPoint Health – Meriter decided to make the switch to Miura boilers.

Read Miura’s UnityPoint Health – Meriter case study.

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