How Does a Modular Boiler Save Energy?

How Does a Modular Boiler Save Energy?

Now more than ever it’s important for companies to be cognizant of saving energy. Fuel can be expensive and shouldn’t be wasted. Fortunately, modular boilers manufactured by companies like Miura can help you to save energy and money at the same time. Here are a few ways that modular boilers outshine conventional boilers when it comes to saving energy.

Quick Startup

One of the biggest advantages of modular boilers is how quickly they can start producing steam. Miura’s modular boilers can start producing steam from a cold startup in less than five minutes. On the contrary, older boilers can take more than an hour to get warmed up, which means you’re using fuel but not getting any steam in return for an extended period. With modular boilers, the quick start-up time means there’s limited downtime in which energy is being used without producing steam.

Multiple Installation System

Modular boilers have allowed Miura to develop a Multiple Installation system for on-demand steam needs. When steam needs rise, the system knows to turn on an extra boiler to meet the need. This is done in a matter of minutes to quickly meet the increased demand. Traditional fire tube boilers, on the other hand, are usually left running idle when they’re not in use because it takes them so long to start producing steam from a cold startup. This results in a lot of wasted fuel and money, something that isn’t a concern with a system of modular boilers.

Heat Transfer

Another distinction between modular boilers and conventional boilers is that modular boilers have roughly 10% the water volume as fire tube boilers. Aside from the safety benefits of low water content, it also results in optimal heat transfer. Regarding fuel-to-steam, modular boilers give you more bang for your buck than fire tube boilers, which is a huge energy saver in the long run.

Interchangeable Fuels

The burners on Miura’s modular boilers can run on multiple types of fuel, making oil, gas, and propane interchangeable. This feature allows facilities to switch back and forth between different fuels based on the cost of each fuel, helping to save both energy and money.

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