Eco-Conscious Brands Choose Modular Watertube Boilers

Eco-Conscious Brands Choose Modular Watertube Boilers

Most companies nowadays have made moves to become more aware of their environmental impact. With nearly every action a company takes, there is usually a small adjustment that can be made to make that action more environmentally friendly. One example of this is the purchase of a new boiler system. For companies that care about the environment, the right choice is usually a modular watertube boiler. Here are a few reasons why environmentally-conscious companies have started to gravitate toward this type of boiler.

Fuel and Water Efficiency

Compared to conventional firetube boilers, modular watertube boilers are far more efficient in their use of fuel and water. Conventional boilers require large tanks of water, while modular watertube boilers can actually create far more steam from significantly less water. In some cases, modular steam boilers can reduce water use by as much as 20%. Most environmentalists recognize that water is becoming a resource that must be treated carefully, and so it’s important to conserve it whenever possible. Newer, modular boilers are also more fuel efficient than older, more conventional boilers. Most modular watertube boilers are compatible with either gas or oil, giving companies the choice to use whatever kind of fuel will help their bottom line and produce fewer greenhouse gases. This is not only good for business but also good for the environment.

No Wasted Energy

One of the biggest advantages of Miura modular boilers is how quickly they are able to stop and start. Older boilers can take a while to get started and are almost running in idle mode even when they’re not in use. Modular boilers, on the other hand, can be started in a matter of minutes, turning on and off when the need for steam fluctuates. This means that little to no energy is wasted because they are only used when they’re needed.

Low CO2 and NOx Emissions

Perhaps the top environmental benefit of watertube boilers is that they require fewer chemicals to use and dramatically reduce emissions of fossil fuels compared to conventional firetube boilers. Upon switching to modular boilers, companies will see an immediate and sizable reduction in both their CO2 and NOx emissions. Companies in certain industries have caps on how much of these hazardous gases they can emit into the atmosphere. Using modular boilers can be a great way to meet these emissions limits and help the environment at the same time.Contact Miura today to learn more about why environmentally-conscious companies choose our boilers.