Divide & Conquer With a Modular On-Demand Boiler System

Divide & Conquer With a Modular On-Demand Boiler System

Miura’s compact, modular boilers take up roughly 50% less space than most conventional boilers. This creates the possibility of implementing a modular system of multiple Miura boilers in the same space as one traditional boiler. Not only will this create more space in your boiler room, but a series of multiple Miura boilers will be more powerful and efficient than one conventional boiler setup. Traditional boilers are not only bulky, but they also require door-swing space and tube-pull space, making your boiler room or steam plant a lot narrower than it needs to be. These issues are eliminated with Miura’s compact design because it’s easy to put multiple Miura boilers in the same exact space where there was once just one large, traditional boiler.

One of the benefits of having multiple boilers is that they work in conjunction with one another, essentially dividing up the workload among several boilers. It’s common for steam needs to fluctuate over the course of a single day or even at different times of the year. There will be times when one boiler is enough, but other times when multiple boilers are needed. In such instances, Miura’s on-demand system allows for additional boilers to be turned on and start producing steam in a matter of minutes to meet the increase in need.

Of course, when steam needs are low, it’s possible that just one boiler is enough. At such times, the boilers that aren’t needed can be turned off completely so they don’t experience any unnecessary wear and tear, or consume expensive fuel when in standby. This is easy to do knowing that they can be turned on in just a few minutes if there’s a sudden spike in need. Such a scenario is impossible with large conventional boilers, which are almost always in standby mode because of how long it takes them to get started and reach operating pressure.

In essence, a series of modular, on-demand boilers from Miura will help you divide your steam needs among several boilers, limiting each one’s workload as much as possible. Since each boiler can be started and working at full capacity in just a few minutes, it’s easy to conquer all of your steam needs, all thanks to Miura’s space saving modular design.

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