FAQ: Which Miura Boiler Solution is Right for My Business?

Choosing the right Miura boiler to fit the needs of your business usually depends on your industry. Companies in various industries tend to have different needs when it comes to steam. Fortunately, Miura’s boilers are versatile enough to help companies and organizations in several industries meet their specific needs.

For instance, many hospitals and universities use Miura boilers because they’re better able to handle fluctuating needs over the course of the day than traditional fire tube boilers. Miura also supplies boilers for many breweries, including smaller craft breweries that benefit from having a smaller boiler that doesn’t take up a lot of space, as well as one that is better for the environment than conventional boilers. Companies in the food industry have also been able to boost their efficiency with the flexibility of Miura boilers and their ability to start working quickly from a cold start-up.

Companies in these industries and many others have all managed to find the right Miura boiler that fits their exact needs. When it comes to choosing the right Miura boiler, the first step is knowing the difference between Miura’s LX series and EX series of boilers.

The EX model is more akin to traditional boilers in terms of appearance, although it utilizes water tube boiler technology. As a result, it can start producing steam less than five minutes after a cold start-up. This helps to reduce the amount of fuel being used, which, in turn, reduces operating costs. It has the flexibility to run on fuel oil, natural gas, or vaporized propane while also minimizing carryover so it can produce dry 99+% saturated steam. The EX model also takes up 33% less space compared to traditional boilers, helping to save space in a boiler room or steam plant.

The LX series of Miura boilers are similar in their water tube design to the EX model. However, they are even smaller and more geared toward environmental awareness. Miura’s LX boilers are roughly half the size of conventional fire tube boilers, and like the EX series, they can begin producing steam from a cold start-up within five minutes. Also, while Miura’s EX boilers can reduce emissions of harmful NOx to 30ppm, the LX series can reduce NOx emissions as low as 9ppm. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a steam boiler that’s smaller, more efficient, or better for the environment than the boilers in Miura’s LX series.

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