How to Correctly Size a Steam Boiler for Your Business


Whether you’re faced with limited physical space, you’re building a new industrial boiler room, your company is in a growth phase, or you want to maximize steam output, it’s important correctly size a steam boiler for your business’ needs.

If you opt for a conventional fire tube boiler, you get the steam your organization needs, but these units tend to occupy a lot of area in your boiler room. A better solution is to choose boilers with a compact, modular design.

Miura’s small, modular industrial boilers are a great fit for your business

When you opt for a Miura steam boiler, you get a unit that’s smaller than outmoded models requiring much more space. Not only are these units smaller, but compact, modular boilers eliminate the door-swing space and tube pull-space requirements of traditional boilers. It all adds up to a lot more design flexibility, whether you’re reconfiguring an existing boiler room or building a new one.

Save costs on new construction or double capacity

Miura steam boilers require less room than their fire tube counterparts. With the small footprint of our industrial boilers, it can help cut down on new construction costs, and in an existing boiler room, you can add units as your business expands. Either way, you maximize efficiency and save money. Plus, the lower overhead costs work out to 10-20% lower steam costs.

Receive comparable output capacity to larger boilers

When you choose Miura, you never need to worry about capacity. Because Miura steam boilers use a low-volume pressure vessel that provides output volumes comparable to bigger, traditional boilers, you get the steam you need. And Miura boilers generate steam after only 5 minutes, from a cold start!

Learn more about Miura boilers

Miura boilers are designed to meet the needs of your business, no matter how small or large. Contact us today for more information about how our boilers can reduce your environmental footprint and grow with your company.

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