4 Reasons to Choose a Low NOx Industrial Boiler

4 Reasons to Choose a Low NOx Industrial Boiler

With the environmental impact a company has being more important than ever, it’s imperative that businesses move toward using low NOx industrial boilers. Boilers that are designed to limit the emission of NOx are better for the planet and can help companies meet government restrictions on emissions; therefore, avoiding fines and other penalties. Of all the low NOx industrial boilers on the market, Miura’s LX series of boilers stands out above the rest. Here are four reasons why:

Fast Start-Up

Aside from drastically lowering NOx emissions, Miura’s LX boiler is fast and easy to start-up. Traditional boilers will either take hours to get started or sit idle — wasting fuel and money while adding to your emissions level. But with the flip of a switch, one of Miura’s LX boilers can perform a cold start-up in less than five minutes, a feature that will cut down on both energy costs and NOx emissions.

No Furnace

The key to Miura’s LX boilers is the “no furnace” design. Compared to conventional boilers, the LX series features a lower, more controlled burn. This is what makes this type of boiler more efficient than traditional boilers. It’s also why it drastically cuts down on emissions of NOx and other hazardous greenhouse gases.

Compact Size

On the surface, the biggest difference between Miura’s LX boiler and traditional boilers is their size. The LX boilers take up 50 percent less floor space than the fire-tube boilers most industries are accustomed to using. The more compact design helps to create smaller radiation losses, leading to fewer emissions and saving money on fuel costs. Also, these types of boilers don’t require tube pull space. This helps give your boiler room or steam plant more open space and can be particularly helpful for new construction projects. If nothing else, it can help prevent you from having to expand your boiler room if your steam needs increase.

Monitoring System

Miura’s LX series also features an advanced monitoring system that helps ensures the boiler is functioning at optimal levels. If there are problems with hard water or the formation of scale that can damage the boiler or lower the boiler’s efficiency, the operator will be notified so the problem can be resolved. Not only does this prevent unnecessary and costly repairs, but it also ensures that fuel is not being wasted and emission levels stay as low as possible.

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