Why You Should Care About Your Boiler’s NOx Emissions

Why You Should Care About Your Boiler’s NOx Emissions

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out a new steam boiler. However, one factor that can’t be overlooked is the boiler’s emissions of NOx, among other harmful gases. It’s understandable if this isn’t at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to your boiler, but here are a few reasons why it’s imperative that you care about your boiler’s NOx emissions.

Environmental Health

If you care about the planet, even a little bit, you should care about NOx emissions, as it’s one of the worst pollutants humans regularly emit into the atmosphere. NOx is the most harmful gas when it comes to the ozone layer, which is essentially a protective shield for everyone living on earth. There are several other sources of NOx aside from industrial sources, and so businesses need to limit their emissions as much as possible for the good of the planet.

Legal Restrictions

If environmental reasons aren’t enough, there are legal reasons why you should be aware of your boiler’s NOx emissions. Most industries face government restrictions for how much NOx they can emit into the atmosphere. The same is true for other types of harmful gases. You need to make sure you have a boiler that will allow you to meet these restrictions or you could put your business at risk for a fine or some other type of penalty. If you purchase a boiler that you know has low NOx emissions, meeting these restrictions can become one less thing to worry about.

Your Bottom Line

Caring about your boiler’s NOx emissions may actually help your bottom line. For starters, having a boiler that has low emissions likely means you have a boiler that excels when it comes to fuel efficiency. If your boiler uses less fuel, you’ll save money on energy costs and eventually your new, low-emission boiler will pay for itself. It’s also possible that buying a new boiler that has lower NOx emissions will make you eligible for a rebate. It’s common for both local and state governments to give rebates to companies that buy environmentally-conscious equipment. Whether it’s through rebates or saving on energy costs, having a boiler that limits NOx emissions could help to pad your bottom line in the long run.

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