Why Do Conventional Boilers Make So Much Noise?

Why Do Conventional Boilers Make So Much Noise?

When working with large conventional boilers, it’d be foolish to expect them to be perfectly quiet. However, there are certain noises that a boiler shouldn’t be making. It’s important to recognize what kinds of noises can signal danger for your boiler and what you can do to prevent potential disasters when it comes to your boiler.

One of the first things to check if a boiler is unusually noisy is the boiler’s thermostat. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, water can become too hot and begin to boil, which could cause loud noises. If you’re lucky, you may be able to simply adjust your thermostat. But if the thermostat is broken it may need to be replaced to prevent the water from heating up so much.

Another reason for a noisy boiler could be mineral deposits. This is more common when hard water is a problem. As the water heats up inside the boiler, minerals may sink to the bottom of the tank and affect the heat exchange. This may create hot spots within the boiler in which water is overheated, leading to loud noises. Water that is overheated can also create air bubbles inside the boiler that can make a rumbling noise called “kettling” when they come into contact with cooler water.

Low water pressure is also a concern with boilers that can result in loud noises. If there’s low water pressure, it’s much easier for the boiler to overheat. This is another possible cause of the “kettling” noise that boilers can make when something isn’t right.

While all of these issues are manageable if you figure out the issue and address it as soon as possible, any kind of loud noises emanating from a boiler is potentially serious. Unless you’re sure of the cause and know that the loud banging is harmless or something that can be easily fixed, hearing unexpected noises from your boiler indicate the possibility of a catastrophic failure. Any unusual noises should always be treated seriously.

One failsafe option to avoid a disaster with your boiler is to use a Miura boiler. Miura boilers are designed in a way that makes it impossible for them to experience catastrophic failure. Any kind of failure with the boiler will remain localized and have only minor repercussions. With conventional boilers, there is no such guarantee, especially when you start to hear loud and unusual noises.