What to Consider When Choosing a Boiler Service Provider

What to Consider When Choosing a Boiler Service Provider

Just like buying a new boiler is a big decision, choosing a boiler service provider to perform repairs and routine maintenance on your boiler is not something to take lightly. Remember, you’ve invested a lot of money in your boiler — you need it to run efficiently for as long as possible. Here are four things to consider when choosing a boiler service provider.

Company History

Odds are you don’t want an upstart company or some fly-by-night operation going anywhere near your expensive boiler. When it comes to boiler repair and maintenance, experience matters in a big way. You’ll want to find a service that has seen everything there is to see over the course of several years to ensure they understand exactly what you need. It’s also important to find a trusted and established service because they’re more likely to be up to date on any license or certificate they need to service your boiler.

Connection to Manufacturer

In order to service a boiler, it’s important to understand where the boiler came from and who made it. Thus, any boiler service you hire should have some kind of connection to the manufacturer of your boiler. They should be certified to work for that particular manufacturer so that they can address common problems that may arise. If a boiler maintenance service provider doesn’t know anything about the boiler or who made it, it’s not the right service.

Customer Service

While technical knowledge is critical for finding the right boiler service provider, you also can’t overlook how they treat their customers. Is the service open 24/7 to address questions or concerns? How soon can they get a technician to inspect the boiler in person? Do they offer remote assistance? The answers to these questions are obviously telling about how seriously a company takes customer service. You’ll also want a boiler service that’s willing to teach you how to take better care of your boiler and get more out of it, which shows that they genuinely care about their customers.


When working with boilers, you can never overlook the importance of safety. You want to choose a service with an impeccable safety record. If something goes wrong with a boiler, the consequences can be serious, and so you need to make sure that any technician or repairman who looks at your boiler takes safety seriously and values it above everything else.

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