What Industries Benefit Most From a Modular Boiler System?

What Industries Benefit Most From a Modular Boiler System?

The right type of boiler for your business is largely dependent on your industry. Often times, consulting with other businesses in your industry is the best way to find the right boiler. These industry associations are increasingly finding that a modular boiler system is the right fit. Here are a few industries that have begun to see great benefits in using a modular boiler system.


Hospitals often have huge steam needs for heating, humidification, and sterilization purposes. A modular boiler system can help deal with these large needs that are often in a constant state of fluctuation. Modular boilers are also more fuel efficient than conventional boilers, helping hospitals save money on fuel and dedicate more of their budget toward helping patients.


Most college campuses have huge steam needs in the morning, only to see those needs dissipate throughout the course of the day. Modular boilers are better at stopping and starting than older boilers that run idle and waste energy when they’re not running at peak capacity. Not only does this make modular boilers better suited to deal with a college’s fluctuating needs, but it reduces fuel costs so more money can be put toward educational services.


Breweries rely on efficient boilers to create hot water during the brewing process, not to mention the sterilization and pasteurization that takes place when the beer is placed in kegs or bottles. For smaller craft breweries, the smaller size of modular boilers is also beneficial, as they can save space when space is often at a premium.

Food Industry

Food manufacturers require large volumes of hot water for sanitation, as well as steam to heat the building, cook and prepare food, and power various machines. This is not typically done on a 24/7 basis, and so it’s important to have modular boilers that can be switched on and off as needs change, rather than relying on old-fashioned boilers that are constantly running or in hot standby, wasting energy even when there is no steam demand.


Laundry facilities both big and small require large volumes of hot water for cleaning, as well as steam to iron and press clothing. Like other industries, these needs aren’t constant. With modular boilers, laundry facilities can quickly start their boilers and get them working at full capacity in a short period of time and then start to turn them off as their needs decline.


Textile manufacturing requires water to be heated to a specific temperature during the dyeing process. Modular steam boilers have the sophistication to reach that temperature in a matter of minutes and remain there as long as necessary. Compared to conventional boilers, modular boilers can better handle the erratic steam needs or “dye house loads” of textile manufacturing, helping companies improve their productivity.

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