The Best Boiler System For On-Demand Steam

The Best Boiler System For On-Demand Steam

We live in a time in which everything we need right away, and it’s no different with industrial steam boilers. When the demand for steam rises, the boiler system needs to respond accordingly. This is exactly why Miura has designed boilers capable of meeting this need. A series of Miura boilers is the best system possible for on-demand steam.

The key to Miura boilers is the so-called “floating header” design. To put it simply, inside the boiler are vertical tubes between rectangular headers. As the tubes are exposed to the boiler’s flame, the headers float up and down, enabling the boiler to start producing steam within five minutes, even from a cold startup. This is in stark contrast to traditional fire tube boilers that can take over an hour to get started and get anywhere close to peak steam production levels, wasting both time and fuel in the process.

“One of the many advantages of Miura boilers was their on-demand steam capabilities,” says Mike Reibar, who uses Miura boilers at his Dancing Goat Distillery. “The company claims to produce full steam in less than five minutes. I timed it, the steam we needed was there in four minutes. That impressive feature saved us time and labor costs while allowing us to be more productive.”

The on-demand nature of Miura boilers is particularly useful when the size of Miura boilers is factored into the equation. Miura boilers take up to 50% less floor space than conventional fire tube boilers, making it easy to install a series of modular boilers in the same space that would fit only one or two traditional boilers.

This makes it easier to turn boilers on and off based on steam demands. Some facilities may run on one or two boilers most of the time, knowing there are extra boilers that can be turned on if steam needs suddenly increase. Since Miura boilers can start producing steam in less than five minutes from a cold startup, the sudden spike in steam needs can be met and maintained using the extra boilers until steam demands start to come back down enough for the extra boilers to be turned off again.

For smaller companies that don’t operate 24/7, an on-demand boiler system can prove invaluable. Considering the delay in older, fire tube boilers reaching peak levels, waiting for them to get started can waste time and money because of lost productivity. The only alternative is keeping them in standby mode, which wastes fuel. With Miura’s on-demand nature, there’s virtually no delay from the time a boiler is turned on to when the steam it produces can be utilized.

“The boiler’s ability to produce full steam in a matter of minutes was a huge advantage because I can just come in the morning, fire the boiler up, and starting mashing in and heating up my mash away, “explains Chris Ellenbecker of Yee-Haw Brewing Company. “There’s no wait time. I can just start work. We can start cleaning our tanks and brewing right away. That’s an amazing benefit.”

When it comes to producing steam on demand, there’s no better option than Miura boilers. From the off position, Miura boilers will start humming and producing steam in less than five minutes. For operations both big and small that require large volumes of steam, there’s no better boiler system for on-demand steam than a series of Miura boilers.