The Benefits of Modular Water Tube Boiler Design

The Benefits of Modular Water Tube Boiler Design

For companies of all sizes that rely on producing steam for their operations, there are several options when choosing a boiler. The conventional choice is a firetube boiler, which has its advantages, depending on the industry. However, another option that’s worth considering is the modular watertube boiler. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing a modular watertube design.

Save Space

Modular watertube boilers are a great way to add space to your boiler room or steam plant. The modular design is much smaller than conventional boilers, having a much smaller footprint in your boiler room. The extra space can be used however you like, including adding more boilers that can further enhance your overall output.

Reduce Energy Costs

Modular watertube boilers are compatible with propane, gas, and oil. It’s possible to change the fuel type without much hassle. This allows companies to choose whatever type of fuel they prefer as a way to cut costs. Modular boilers are also easy to turn on and off based on need. This typically isn’t the case with conventional firetube boilers, leading to a lot of wasted energy when the boiler is idling. With modular watertube boilers, most companies can reduce their energy costs by up to 20 percent.

Flexible to Changing Needs

With modular boilers being able to be switched on and off with great ease, they can respond whenever the need for steam rises or falls. A company may only need one or two boilers running most of the time, but when that need increases, you can start up your additional boilers in just a few minutes. When the need calms down, those extra boilers can be switched off until they’re needed again. This also makes it easy to shut down one boiler for routine maintenance without losing the use of the other boilers. It’s also easy to add more modular boilers down the line if a company chooses to expand or has an increase in its steam demands. Conversely, boilers can easily be relocated to plants in need of additional capacity as production changes.


Performing routine maintenance on modular watertube boilers is much easier than conventional boilers. A single person can usually do the job in a matter of hours, and as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require shutting down the entire operation. This makes it easier to keep up with regular maintenance, helping the system last longer. Also, since it’s possible to shut down the boilers when they’re not needed, there’s much less wear and tear on individual parts and the boiler itself, leading to a much longer lifespan for modular boilers.

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