BL Micro Controller
The BL Micro Controller Boiler Control System offers many individual monitoring points to help you identify problems in a timely manner. The BL Controller is the smart answer to troubleshooting. It works for you and with you, identifying problems and suggesting solutions in a plain, descriptive English display.

Control Panels

Easy-to-see operation and emergency lights
Green (normal)
Yellow (warning)
Red (emergency)
2 push buttons and a scroll selector only
One push button to start
Rotary selector switch to modify setting
  • Setting the pre-purge timing optimum to the boiler
  • Honeywell System Standard: 10s, IRI 30s vs. Miura BL Micro Controller System Standard- 10s, IRI, 20s
  • Purge Cancel Function* ignores the post purge when fast restart is required which eliminates the loss and shortens the response
*This function is not set as default
BL Micro Controller