The Advantages of Miura Boilers | AHR Expo 2018

Kyle Richards, Divisions Manager for Miura America Co, Ltd, talks about the advantages of choosing a Miura steam boiler at the 2018 AHR Expo.

TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name is Kyle Richards, and I work for Miura America. We're a boiler manufacturer based in Rockmart, Georgia. There are many advantages to a Miura boiler that make it a superior option for end users.

Our boilers are extremely safe, reliable, and efficient. We approach efficiency in a couple of ways. First, a traditional fire tube is going to take about 45 minutes to one hour to come up to full pressure, whereas a Miura can go from a cold start to full pressure in under five minutes.

We take a very proactive approach to reliability. Our Miura online monitoring system allows us to monitor the health of your boiler from our field offices in real time. Should any issues occur with your boiler, our support staff is immediately notified.

Another advantage to using Miura is our turnkey solutions. Not only do we manufacture the boiler, we make our own burner, controls, feed water tanks, water softeners, steam headers, and many other ancillary equipment in the boiler room. We even mix our own chemicals in Rockmart, Georgia.

Miura boilers are engineered to be intrinsically safe by design. Our low-water content design contains about one-tenth the amount of water as a traditional fire tube, which means there's a lot less stored energy, and a lot less potential for damage, should the boiler ever fail. With our low-water content design and advanced controls, Miura is proud to say with over 140,000 boilers operating worldwide, our boilers have never caused a fatality.