Miura's In-Service Efficiency | AHR Expo 2018

Learn about the impeccable in-service efficiency of Miura boilers from Kyle Richards, Division Manager at Miura America Co, Ltd.


TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name is Kyle Richards, and I work for Miura America. We're a steam boiler manufacturer that makes our boilers in Rockmart, Georgia.

There are many advantages to a Miura boiler that make it a great fit for many applications. Those advantages are its energy efficiency, its impeccable safety record, its small footprint, and a lot of our customers have come to rely on our Quick Ship program.

Traditional measures of boiler efficiency are what we call fuel to steam efficiency, but this really doesn't tell the whole story. It only tells the efficiency of a boiler at its maximum capacity, and doesn't account for its in service operation. What we like to focus on is in service efficiency, and our boilers have the highest in server efficiency on the market.

Our traditional fire tube is going to take 45 minutes to an hour to start up, whereas a Miura will come from a cold start to full steam pressure in under five minutes. So every time you need to start that boiler, we're saving you about 45 minutes of fuel consumption. Add that up over the year, and that's a considerable amount of savings.

We also have one of the smallest footprints of any steam boiler. We take up about half the floor space of a traditional fire tube boiler, which can save on new construction costs, or allow an existing plant to double its capacity in the same boiler room.

Miura boilers are engineered to be intrinsically safe by design. Our low water content design contains about one tenth the amount of water of a traditional fire tube, which is a lot less stored energy, and a lot less potential damage should a catastrophic failure occur. We're very proud of the fact that with over 140,000 boilers operating across the world, our boiler has never caused a fatality.

Miura's committed to keeping boilers in stock of all sizes, so that when you need it, we can ship it. Our new Quick Ship Xpress program allows us to ship out boilers within 48 hours. This can save the customer tens of thousands of dollars on rental boilers, allows us to react quickly to natural disasters, and minimize our customer's downtime.