Renting An Industrial Boiler After A Natural Disaster

Renting An Industrial Boiler After A Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes your part of the world, there’s no telling what damage could be done.

If your industrial boiler has been damaged and can’t run properly, it may be impossible to return to normal operations as quickly as you would like. In such a situation, you may think that your only option is to rent a boiler. However, Miura offers an alternative to rental boilers with its Quick Ship Xpress program.

With Quick Ship Xpress, Miura can deliver a brand new boiler within 48 hours, which is usually as long as it would take to get a rental boiler installed. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about all of the costs or hassle that accompany renting a boiler, which let’s face it, is a flawed process.

If you decide to rent a boiler, you’ll have to wait for it to arrive and then get it installed before you can get operations up and running again. Plus, keep in mind that you’ll have to eventually uninstall the rental when you finally get around to buying a permanent replacement. That’s a lot of time wasted on installing and uninstalling a boiler that’s only a rental, just adding the time that you’re without a functioning boiler.

With Quick Ship Xpress, Miura can typically get your new boiler to you in less than 48 hours. Miura boilers are smaller than conventional boilers, which makes them a lot easier to ship, so you’ll probably get a Miura boiler faster than you would a rental. You also don’t have to worry about uninstalling it later because it’ll be your new permanent boiler. Once it’s installed, you’ll be good to go. Plus, since Miura boilers can start producing steam from a cold startup in less than five minutes, you’ll have operations up and running in no time.

You also can’t forget about the cost of renting a boiler, not to mention the hidden costs associated with hidden boilers. When you rent a boiler, you have no idea how old that boiler is or if it’s received proper maintenance over its lifespan. Odds are, it’s not going to be in great shape and won’t be all that efficient, forcing you to spend more on fuel to make the rented boiler run and meet your steam demands.

This won’t be an issue with Quick Ship Xpress because you’ll be getting a brand new boiler that’s ready to run at peak efficiency. Miura boilers are designed to be more fuel efficient than traditional boilers, so you’ll probably end up lowering your fuel costs compared to your old boiler. The best part is you don’t have to waste all that money paying for a rental boiler before getting a permanent replacement because your Quick Ship Xpress boiler is your permanent replacement.

Miura estimates that it costs up to $20,000 per month to rent a boiler in both upfront and hidden costs. Wouldn’t it be better to take that money and invest in a new permanent boiler that can be delivered in less than 48 hours? So if a natural disaster leaves your boiler unavailable, don’t waste money by renting a boiler, reach out to your local Miura rep and ask about the Quick Ship Xpress program.