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Why Rent, When You Can Buy?
Rental Boiler

What is Quick Ship Xpress?

Quick Ship Xpress was designed to help customers who need steam fast and don’t have the luxury of waiting for weeks, even months just to get their process back up and running. This program is the ultimate alternative to the rental boiler market.

Stop wasting money by overspending on rental boilers!

Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress (QSX) program can help your company save up to $20,000 / month by offering you fast turn-around time on delivery. In most cases, Miura can deliver a boiler to you in as little as 24 - 48 hrs! Now that’s what you call quick. So answer this question, why on earth would you rent a boiler from another company? Think about it... when you rent a boiler, you’re literally throwing stacks of money out the door. Stop wasting money and discover the fastest way to get steam, guaranteed!
Miura Boilers Quick Ship Express Just one more way Miura is revolutionizing the steam industry.
Partial Inventory List
  1. Miura LX50
  2. Miura LX100
  3. Miura LX150
  4. Miura LX200
  5. Miura LX300
  6. Miura EX200
  7. ...More Models Available!!!
Additional models may be available. Call or contact your local Miura representative.