Miura Boilers Help Companies Meet Sustainability Goals

Miura Boilers Help Companies Meet Sustainability Goals

It’s more important than ever for companies in all industries to have sustainability goals alongside their broader business goals. All businesses, big and small, can always strive to do more to make sure they are limiting their environmental impact as much as possible. There are a lot of great ways for companies to meet their sustainability goals, and one big step in the right direction is by finding an energy efficient steam boiler system.

Compared to most traditional boilers, Miura’s LX series of boilers are far more environmentally friendly. They have been designed with both efficiency and sustainability in mind. No matter your industry or how lofty your sustainability goals may be, a Miura LX boiler can play an important role in helping you meet those goals.

The biggest difference between Miura’s LX boilers and conventional boilers is in their low emissions of NOx, which is one of the most harmful substances released into the atmosphere from high temperature combustion sources. With their “no furnace” design, Miura’s LX boilers offer a more controlled burn compared to conventional fire tube boilers.

By having a more controlled burn, the flame temperature inside a Miura boiler is cooler than traditional boilers, resulting in comparatively lower emissions of NOx. The levels of NOx emissions that are possible with a Miura boiler should allow any company to meet most current emission restrictions,or prepare for anticipated emission limitations on the horizon.

Of course, there’s more to sustainability goals than lowering emissions. Fortunately, that’s not the only way that Miura’s boilers can be helpful. The modular design and compact footprint of Miura’s LX series boilers makes them very efficient. The LX series is small enough to fit through a doorway, which is not something you can say about traditional fire tube boilers that take up massive amounts of space. The modularity of Miura’s boilers are also much easier to turn on and off, saving not only time but fuel as well. Older boilers take more than an hour to get started, and the only way to get around that is to leave them running idle, which is a colossal waste of fuel and operating dollars.

With a Miura boiler, this is no longer a problem. One of Miura’s LX boilers can be producing steam less than five minutes after a cold start-up. This way, you neither waste fuel while waiting for the boiler to warm up, nor spend unnecessary amounts of fuel while the boiler is in standby mode. Over an extended period, it’s amazing how much fuel can be saved with a Miura boiler, helping any company save money and make big strides toward sustainability goals.

Even the monitoring system that’s used with Miura’s LX boilers can improve sustainability. If harmful scale begins to form inside a Miura boiler, the monitoring system can detect a rise in tube temperature and inform the operator so that the issue may be addressed before any damage is done. If scale becomes a problem, the boiler becomes less efficient and must utilize more fuel, costing money and negatively impacting the company’s sustainability efforts. Potential scale producing conditions can be addressed quickly with Miura boilers, this problem can be mitigated with haste, further enhancing the ability of Miura boilers to help companies in all industries meet their sustainability goals.

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