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Industrial Steam Boilers: Gas-Fired or Dual Fuel?

Industrial Steam Boilers: Gas-Fired or Dual Fuel?

When choosing an industrial steam boiler system for your factory, institution or company, one of the most important decisions to be made is whether to power the boilers with gas, oil or a combination of these. Should you choose a gas-fired or dual fuel boiler? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?

Miura currently offers two kinds of boilers to accommodate the needs of many different industries. Our LX series boilers run only on natural gas, while our EX series are dual-fuel boilers that can run on natural gas or oil — or even vaporized propane — and can be switched to operate on these different fuels as needed. Both are highly energy-efficient and low-maintenance compared to conventional boilers, but there are a few pros and cons to each. Let’s explore these in a bit more detail to help you determine which might be right for your company.

Gas-Fired Industrial Steam Boilers (LX)

The LX series boilers operate solely on natural gas. They are valued for their size per output, energy efficiency and lowered carbon footprint. While Miura boilers are already designed to save space, the LX models are even more compact because they only need one type of fuel, making them an excellent choice for companies with space limitations. LX-series boilers also offer the best reduction in harmful emissions, rated to produce NOx emissions at a rate of only 0-9 ppm — making them an excellent choice for companies who are committed to environmental friendliness or who need to meet certain emissions standards.

Dual-Fuel Industrial Boilers (EX)

EX-series boilers are comparable to the LX as far as efficiency, but they are flexibly designed to run on natural gas, #2 fuel oil or propane. The EX series enables companies to alternate between different types of fuel depending on availability and cost. In other words, you have the ability to run an EX boiler on whichever fuel is cheapest and easiest to come by.

Which boiler is right for your company — gas-fired or dual fuel? The answer really depends on your company’s needs and priorities. If low emissions and/or space savings are priorities for you, the LX gas-fired boiler will serve your needs beautifully. If your company needs the flexibility of switching between fuels for the greatest cost savings, you might want to look at the EX series.

To learn more about our LX and EX boilers, call Miura America at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.