How To Get Steam In Less Than 5 Minutes With Miura

How To Get Steam In Less Than 5 Minutes With Miura

With old-school, fire tube boilers, getting steam tends to take a while. Traditional boilers usually need more than an hour from a cold startup until they can start churning out steam. Fortunately, Miura has advanced boiler technology to the point that waiting for a boiler to get warmed up is a thing of the past. Miura has designed a series of boilers with on-demand technology that are capable of producing steam from a cold startup in less than five minutes.

The process of getting steam that quickly is actually quite simple. With the touch of a button on your Miura boiler, you can initiate the pre-purge sequence to ventilate the combustion chamber. Within about 15 seconds of that, the ignition sequence is ready to begin. After that, the pilot will initiate, allowing the boiler operator to begin the main ignition sequence, starting with low fire combustion and followed by high fire roughly 45 seconds later in order to reach operating pressure.

In many ways, this technology is similar to tankless water heaters that are common in residential homes. The only difference is that Miura is using this technology for large-scale steam creation for companies and organizations that require steam on a daily basis in order to operate. The ability to get boilers started so quickly is a great asset for facilities of all sizes, as many have found out after installing Miura boilers.

“Miura boilers are very efficient compared to the boilers that we replaced,” says Ryan Unzicker, the facilities manager UnityPoint Healthcare in Wisconsin. “What we really liked was the fact that these boilers recovery very quickly. With Miura’s low-water content design, they start up within a few minutes and begin producing steam. We have been able to put at least 60 pounds of steam (per square inch) in the entire hospital system within about 15 minutes or so, where is red to take the old boilers to recover.”

Miura’s on-demand steam technology can be particularly useful with multiple installations. That smaller size of Miura boilers not only help them get started quicker but they also make it easier to install a series of boilers in the same space that previously fit only one or two larger boilers. This allows facilities to install one or two extra boilers than they typically need on an average day. However, when steam needs suddenly spike, those extra boilers can be turned on and within five minutes they can be producing steam and helping to meet demand. This helps to ensure that the boiler system is never lagging behind, which is vital in the healthcare industry and businesses that operate 24/7.

“The four boilers provided us with an economical way to maximize our usage of the boilers,” explains Joe Buri of Southeastern Health in Lumberton, North Carolina, a facility that replaced its traditional boilers with a set of Miura boilers. “Being quick steams also allowed us to completely shut off boilers that were not needed but could be ready and online in minutes. We have had good success with these units and have reduced our fuel usage by 20% while adding additional load at the same time.”

With advanced, on-demand technology, Miura boilers are capable of producing steam in less than five minutes. Not only is this a lot more efficient than conventional boilers, but it can also help facilities increase their productivity and solve a lot of problems with their steam needs that they may not have even known existed before discovering Miura boilers.