How to Choose a Safe, Efficient, and Reliable Boiler

How to Choose a Safe, Efficient, and Reliable Boiler

Buying a new boiler is an important step for any organization, whether you’re a school, hospital, or brewery. If you’re investing thousands of dollars in a piece of equipment, it needs to last at least a couple decades. And of course, everyone wants a boiler that will be safe and reliable. But what exactly should you be looking for in a boiler to ensure you find the best one for your needs?


Believe it or not, size matters when it comes to boilers. In most cases, smaller may actually be better. Newer watertube boilers produced by companies like Miura take up far less space than conventional firetube boilers. You will most likely gain space in your boiler room by replacing firetube boilers with a new watertube boiler. This creates more available space in your boiler room for things like additional boilers for increased capacity, or other needed equipment.


Safety is obviously a top priority, and while a lot of progress has been made to make firetube boilers safer, they are still not as safe as newer modular steam boilers. For starters, a company like Miura has remote monitoring and safety measures in place to detect small warnings before they turn into bigger problems. On top of that, any issue with a low volume watertube boiler will remain localized, preventing the kind of catastrophic explosions that occur with large, high volume firetube boilers.


Performing regular maintenance on your boiler is the best way to keep your boiler efficiently running like the day you bought it and last for many years to come. The local sales and maintenance companies that sell Miura boilers are very active in ensuring proper start-up and will even visit periodically to ensure optimal performance. They will then schedule inspections as frequently as the owner wants, in addition to providing training to employees so that they are comfortable performing routine procedures on their own. Compared to the arduous procedures required to perform maintenance on a firetube boilers, Miura modular boilers are much more simple usually requiring adjustable wrenches and pliers to perform most of the task. Best of all, Most inspections can be performed without shutting down the entire system, allowing your facility to continue to operate like normal. With proper maintenance, your boiler can last for 20 to 25 years, putting off the need for a new one for as long as possible.


The efficiency of your boiler is directly tied to your fuel and energy costs. Low volume watertube boilers have major advantages over firetube boilers such as the amount of water in the boiler pressure vessel. In a firetube boiler, the large pressure vessel is filled with thousands of gallons of boiler water that must be heated even when the boiler is not in use. Where as a low volume watertube boiler like Miura can turn completely off when not in use , saving money everyday that would have been spent on wasted fuel, water and chemicals. Besides the fact that watertube boilers reduce resource waste, they operate around 85% efficient converting fuel and water into steam.  With watertube boilers, there’s a lot less wasted water and energy, making them more efficient than fire tube boilers from both a financial and environmental perspective.

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