How Quick Ship Xpress Saves Your Facility Money

How Quick Ship Xpress Saves Your Facility Money If you’ve ever had an industrial boiler break down, your first instinct is usually to order a rental boiler as soon as possible. After all, odds are your facility can’t function without a working boiler for very long. However, in this case, your first instinct may not necessarily be your best option. Instead of renting a boiler when your current one has a problem, buying a new boiler from Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program can help you get a better boiler and save you money at the same time.

You may think that renting a boiler and getting it installed as soon as possible will save you money and solve your problem. However, you’re overlooking the hidden costs of renting a boiler. For starters, most rented boilers are far from new. They’ve been installed and uninstalled multiple times and transported across the country in trailers. In short, you never know how much wear and tear they have on them. As a result, a rented boiler won’t be that efficient, causing you to lose money through fuel and other operating costs.

Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program. With QSX, you’ll receive a brand-new boiler from Miura, not one that’s old and used. Miura’s boilers can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 20%, making them a better option than both your old boiler and any boiler you may get from a rental company. In the long run, the boost in efficiency from a Miura boiler will save your facility a significant amount of money in operating costs.

Renting a boiler can also be quite time-consuming, and as we all know, time is money. In addition to waiting for the rented boiler to arrive, which can take several days, if not weeks, time is also wasted installing the boiler only to uninstall it later when you finally have a permanent replacement. All this time spent without a fully functioning boiler is like flushing money down the toilet.

On the other hand, Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress can have a boiler shipped in just 48 hours. Also, since the Miura boiler is a permanent replacement, once it’s installed, you’ll be good to go for the long haul. With the speed that Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program can send you a new, permanent boiler, you’ll barely have time to notice you’re old one isn’t working. More importantly, you’ll have saved your facility a great deal of time and money.

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