How Miura is Changing the Rental Boiler Industry

How Miura is Changing the Rental Boiler Industry

For many years, the boiler rental industry has provided a necessary service. But while businesses in this industry do their best, the industry has great flaws. Fortunately, Miura has come along with an idea that has completely disrupted the rental boiler industry by addressing many of those flaws. In fact, with Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program, there’s no need for a company in any industry to rent a boiler ever again.

When a boiler breaks down, it’s almost always a great inconvenience. Renting a boiler is supposed to provide a quick fix, albeit a temporary one. But even getting a replacement boiler shipped and installed can take several weeks. In the meantime, companies may lose both productivity and money without a fully functioning boiler system.

The solution to this problem is Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program. Ordering a boiler through Quick Ship Xpress means the boiler can be shipped as quickly as 48 hours. This helps get everything back on track as soon as possible, limiting the amount of time you’re without a working boiler.

The other problem with renting a boiler is that you’re doing just that — renting one. Once you get the rental boiler, you have to go through the trouble of installing it, even though you’re just going to have to uninstall it later when you buy a permanent replacement. This is obviously quite time-consuming, not to mention costly when you think about all the additional time you’ll be without a boiler while you’re uninstalling the rental and getting your new one online.

This is another problem that Miura solves with Quick Ship Xpress. With Quick Ship Xpress, you’re not renting a boiler, you’re buying a permanent replacement for the boiler that’s no longer working properly. It may seem like you’re renting it because it can be shipped within 48 hours of ordering, but it’s, in fact, a long-term solution. Not only does this give you a working boiler quickly, it also eliminates all of the time spent installing and uninstalling something that’s just a rental. This saves you time and money beyond the cost of the rental boiler itself.

Perhaps the best feature of the Miura Quick Ship Xpress service is that it gives you a boiler that you know is going to function at a high level. Often times, the boilers used by rental companies are used. They have years of wear and tear on them and are not functioning at the most optimal level. The worst part is that you don’t always know what you’re getting until it arrives. By then it’s too late to do anything about it unless you want to wait for another rental boiler and further delay getting your system back online.

By ordering with Quick Ship Xpress, you’ll get a brand new boiler that’s ready to perform at a high level. Also, because it’s a Miura boiler, you know that it’ll be a quality piece of equipment that will be efficient and reliable for many years to come. Instead of hoping you get lucky with a rented boiler that’s still in decent shape, you’ll have a boiler that you can trust to work long term.

With the service provided by Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program, the boiler rental industry is more or less obsolete. Companies no longer have to waste thousands of dollars on a temporary fix when Miura can provide a permanent solution just as quickly.

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