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How Miura Boilers Optimize Industrial Manufacturing Operations

How Miura Boilers Optimize Industrial Manufacturing Operations

Many different types of industries require dependable steam on demand, whether as part of the direct manufacturing process, to heat the facility or both. The costs and considerations of industrial boiler systems, however, can be a constant challenge. However, Miura Boilers are quickly becoming the boiler of choice for many such facilities as they are specifically designed to optimize industrial manufacturing operations. Let’s explore some of the advantages our boiler systems offer.

Cold-Start Design Reduces Non-Productive Time

Conventional boilers usually consist of large tanks requiring several hours of fire-up and shutdown time — during which time the facility remains non-productive. The alternative is to keep the boilers on constantly — a costly prospect to say the least. In contrast, Miura boilers implement a once-through fin-tube design that allows the boiler to reach full steam from a cold start within five minutes of power-up. This enables the plant to begin production more quickly with less downtime.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

Besides the quick-fire design (which saves considerably on fuel costs), Miura Steam Boilers are designed with numerous other energy-efficient features. These include a reverse osmosis water purification system to reduce mineral scale buildup in the boiler, as well as a modular configuration that allows individual boiler units to power up and down in direct response to fluctuating demands. These features add up to significant savings in energy costs — up to 20 percent savings annually on average, and even more in some cases. In addition, Miura boilers are designed to be environmentally-friendly, emitting far less CO2 and harmful nitrogen oxides than their conventional counterparts — enabling manufacturers to lower their carbon footprint and meet increasingly strict environmental standards.

Compact Design

Miura boilers’ unique once-through design allows them to be more compact than conventional boilers so they take up less space. This feature allows companies to make the switch to Miura without the added costs of building or renovating existing steam plant facilities. In many cases, they can even reclaim some of the unused space for other productive purposes.

Self-Diagnostic and Low-Maintenance Features

Another way Miura boilers help optimize industrial manufacturing operations is through their state-of-the-art diagnostic features. The boilers are equipped with a BL Micro Controller System which provides real-time information on temperature, pressure, water quality and other operational metrics. In addition, through advanced self-diagnostics, the boilers can send proactive alerts about issues so they can be addressed before they become problematic. The end result is little to no downtime, which improves the facility’s bottom line.

All of these features combine to make Miura a highly efficient option for on-demand steam for industrial facilities across the board.

To learn more about how our boiler systems can optimize your manufacturing operations, call Miura America at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.