How Laundry Companies Save Money & Energy with Miura

How Laundry Companies Save Money & Energy with Miura

Washing clothes requires massive amounts of hot water, not to mention steam that’s used to dry, iron, and press clothes. With such unique needs, laundry companies are a perfect fit for Miura’s modular steam boilers, which can help businesses in the laundry industry save both money and energy.

Up To Date Laundry, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland is the perfect example. Every week, Up To Date Laundry handles millions of pounds of laundry for a variety of hotel and healthcare clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The company also puts great emphasis on being environmentally friendly and reducing its carbon footprint. Both of these tasks have become much easier after Up To Date Laundry installed three of Miura’s modular boilers.

Even from a cold start, Miura’s boilers can get Up To Date Laundry’s plant at its full working pressure in mere minutes. Once there, the boilers can be turned on or off depending on the company’s fluctuating needs over the course of the day. Conventional boilers would have to run continuously in order to be ready for load changes,wasting energy, especially when the need for steam had decreased. With Miura, Up To Date Laundry now has boilers with the versatility to handle the company’s exact needs, helping them reduce their energy costs by 20 percent.

Using less fuel is not only good for Up To Date Laundry’s bottom line, but it also helps the company meet its emission goals. Less fuel means reduced CO2 emissions, helping Up To Date Laundry and similar companies comply with limits on fossil fuel emissions. Miura boiler’s burner design reduces the temperature of their flame, resulting in a 75 percent reduction in NOx emissions.

With Miura boilers, there’s less of a volume of water in the actual boiler, which makes for a safer environment,” says Ken Weiman, the chief engineer at Up To Date Laundry. “We were so pleased with their performance in our Desoto Plant, we chose them again to be apart of out new Hollander plant.

The ability to turn Miura boilers on and off not only helps save energy, but it can also give companies like Up To Date Laundry salary relief. Before making the switch to Miura, even if laundry operations stopped for the day, an employee would have to monitor the boiler overnight for safety purposes. However, Miura’s boilers can move to standby or shut off completely when they’re not needed, knowing they can be turned back on in the morning and started up in just a few minutes. This feature of Miura boilers helps Up To Date Laundry and similar companies reduce both manpower and payroll, which they are all too happy to do thanks to Miura.

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