How Green Is Your Steam Boiler System?

How Green Is Your Steam Boiler System?

Now more than ever, it’s important for companies in all industries to be aware of their environmental footprint. This holds true particularly for those facilities that rely on industrial boilers to maintain daily operations. It’s impossible to use boilers without having some impact on the environment, but that makes it all the more important to find a boiler system designed with the environment and energy efficiency in mind. Here are a few things to consider when judging how green and environmentally friendly your boiler system is.

Fuel Efficiency

All boilers run on some type of fuel, usually natural gas, propane, or oil. Short of having a boiler that runs on some type of biofuel, it’s essential to limit fuel use as much as possible by having a boiler designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Not only is a boiler with a high fuel-to-steam efficiency better for the environment but it will also help to limit how much you spend on fuel, allowing you to help the environment and your bottom line at the same time.

Emission Rate

Emissions of harmful substances like CO2 and NOx are being monitored and regulated more and more. Most industries that utilize boilers have restrictions that they need to meet in order to avoid fines or another type of punishment. Obviously, slowing down production in order to reduce emissions is not ideal. However, boiler technology has advanced to the point of being able to alter settings within the boiler that can help lower emissions of CO2, NOx, and other greenhouse gases.

Unnecessary Energy Loss

Far too often, boilers waste energy without getting any useful steam out of it, which then forces them to use even more fuel. This can happen in a number of ways. For instance, not all boilers are energy efficient while they are first getting started, during a routine blowdown, or while the boiler is running idle but not producing any steam. Boilers that aren’t properly insulated may also experience radiation or exhaust losses, both of which also contribute to a boiler’s carbon footprint.

The Best Green Boiler

If you’re looking for a steam boiler that’s both efficient and environmentally friendly, look no further than Miura’s LX series. With its compact size, the LX model contains roughly 10 percent the volume of water that traditional fire tube boilers do, which means it requires less fuel to operate without sacrificing steam productivity. The small footprint of Miura’s LX boiler also helps to reduce thermal radiation so less energy is wasted.

The LX series is also the best option for facilities that need to meet strict emissions limits. Miura boilers utilize a controlled burn with the flame at a lower temperature than traditional boilers, nor do they rely on flue gas recirculation. This helps Miura boilers have roughly 25 percent the emissions of most fire tube boilers with the LX series able to limit NOx emissions to as little as 9ppm. Those low emissions rates are just one of the reasons why environmentally conscious companies have started making the switch to Miura boilers.

“One of the features that stood out for Miura was the emissions aspect,” says Mike Reiber of the Dancing Goat Distillery in Wisconsin. “We’re in a beautiful setting; we’re in the middle of a vineyard, so the environmental aspect of limiting emissions, conserving resources, and sustainability are very important to Dancing Goat Distillery.”