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How Does Low Water Content Affect Boiler Safety?

How Does Low Water Content Affect Boiler Safety?

Safety is always of the utmost importance when it comes to industrial boilers. Miura recognizes this by having a remote monitoring system and other safety measures to ensure our boilers are safe and reliable. However, our boilers are also designed in a way that allows them to function with low water content, making them inherently safer than traditional boilers.

In conventional fire tube boilers, many gallons of water act as a heat shield for the flame to prevent the metal inside the boiler from melting, which can be problematic. Having that much water can also be a problem if too much of it is flashed into steam because the boiler won’t be large enough to handle that much steam, resulting in an explosion.

Such issues don’t exist in Miura’s water tube boilers. Miura’s “floating header” design allows for all of the water inside the boiler to be confined to tubes that are “floating” freely inside the boiler while it produces steam. With all the water inside the tubes, Miura’s boilers require roughly 10% of the water in fire tube boilers. This helps to confine potential problems to one specific tube so the entire boiler won’t be put at risk of a massive explosion.

Miura’s design also makes it easy to control the water level inside the boiler, a feature not seen in fire tube boilers that can have hundreds or thousands of gallons inside at one time. The boiler’s control board makes sure that the flow rate and pressure of the feed water are both what they need to be to maintain the appropriate water level. If a Miura boiler doesn’t have the right water level, it will automatically go offline until the problem can be fixed by someone working onsite.

In short, conventional fire tube boilers can be dangerous because of the high volume of water and the vast amounts of pressure. But these issues are mitigated by Miura’s low-water content boilers. Not only can they withstand more pressure than fire tube boilers, but Miura’s once-through water tube boilers have far less water in them, making it almost impossible for them to experience a catastrophic failure.

To find out more about our low water content boilers, please contact your local Miura representative.