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How Are Miura Boilers Monitored Remotely?

How Are Miura Boilers Monitored Remotely?

One of the greatest benefits of Miura boilers is how safe they are. A big part of what makes them so safe is Miura’s ability to monitor its boilers remotely in order to detect any possible problems and solve them before they become bigger issues. The aptly named MOM (Miura Online Maintenance) System helps Miura ensure the safety of its boilers long after they’re installed.

Through the MOM system, Miura’s highly trained maintenance technicians and skilled sales engineers located throughout the country can connect to an enabled Miura boiler and access real-time data. Miura boilers come with a screen that displays information related to steam pressure, water level, and water conductivity. Not only can this information be viewed in person, but Miura representatives can access it remotely, as well as any information they need about operational logs with temperature and flow rates recorded.

Essentially, all of the boiler’s operating conditions are monitored closely. Any data that could be important in determining if there is a problem with the boiler and what that problem may be can be accessed by Miura representatives. Even if there isn’t an obvious problem for those working on site, Miura’s remote monitoring system will catch on if something isn’t right with the boiler.

With Miura’s representatives and engineering experts having access to this information, it’s easy to troubleshoot with in-house technicians and find a solution to the problem. With the MOM System, Miura representatives who are remotely located can see everything that those on site can see as it relates to the boiler’s conditions. There’s no need for boiler room attendants to explain what’s going on because Miura experts will already know, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation.

Using information gathered through the MOM system, Miura’s off-site technicians can diagnose the problem and guide on-site workers on how to fix it. If not able to resolve the issue remotely, a Miura technician can be called on site to perform diagnostics and troubleshoot a problem. Not only does this help to improve the overall safety of Miura boilers, but catching cautions before they cause major issues can save a lot of time and money.