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Go Green With Miura’s Low Emissions Industrial Boilers

Go Green With Miura’s Low Emissions Industrial Boilers

With Miura’s LX series of modular boilers, it’s possible for companies to have a boiler system that has industrial strength without being a great detriment to the environment. No matter what industry, companies can go green with Miura’s low emission boilers.

Conventional boilers are known to unleash large amounts of harmful gases like CO2 and NOx on the environment, but Miura’s LX series boiler takes care of that problem with its “no furnace” design that results in incredibly low emissions of NOx. These low emission rates will help any company meet current emission restrictions and be prepared for stricter regulations that may come in the future.

Miura’s LX series will also reduce the fuel companies need to make their boiler run. Older boilers typically need an hour or more just to get started, wasting valuable fuel in the process. Meanwhile, Miura boilers can start producing steam in just a few minutes, even from a cold start-up, reducing the amount of fuel that’s unnecessarily wasted.

Miura LX boilers also have equipment that notifies users when there is an issue with hard water that could potentially hinder fuel efficiency. This helps companies to address any problem before their fuel efficiency starts to drop. Not only is it better for the environment to use less fuel to power a boiler, but it’s also better for a company’s bottom line, so it’s a win-win.

If your company is just now starting to go green, one of the best ways to make up for lost time is to switch over to one of Miura’s low-emission industrial boilers. The difference between in environmental impact between Miura’s boilers and traditional boilers is like night and day.

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