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Choosing A Steam Boiler For Your University Campus

Choosing A Steam Boiler For Your University Campus

Keeping a large (or small) university campus running is no easy task. The logistical needs are far greater than the average person realizes. One of the biggest needs on a university campus is a trustworthy and comprehensive boiler system that can produce all the steam every building on campus will need every single day — just ask our clients Duke University and University of Arkansas. It’s a big job, so here are some things to consider when choosing a steam boiler for a university campus.

Quick Startup

The boiler system on college campuses can’t be slow at getting started. Even schools in warm climates experience cold mornings in the winter time. That means campuses need to be able to produce large volumes of steam in the morning to heat both classrooms and dorms when students are waking up and getting ready for their day. Even if steam needs decline over the course of the day, which is usually the case on campuses, universities need to be able to handle spikes in steam needs at different times of the day.

With conventional boilers, it’s sometimes difficult to reach full capacity in a short period of time. However, more modern, modular boilers like the ones produced by Miura are uniquely suited to handle this. Even from a cold startup, they can be producing steam in less than five minutes, making a sudden spike in steam needs far more manageable than with traditional fire tube boilers that can take over an hour to start running at full capacity.

Backup Plan

If your campus relies on one or two large fire tube boilers, you could be in trouble if one of those boilers breaks down or needs to go offline during routine maintenance. Even if it’s summertime and there are fewer people on campus, it’s difficult to go without steam for an extended period of time, so it’s vital that every campus has a backup plan.

With a series of small, modular boilers, you don’t have to worry about one boiler going down or need to perform routine maintenance. Miura’s modular boilers are ideal for large educational institutions — they’re so small that it’s easy to fit several of them inside the existing steam plant, which usually means one or two are rarely needed. These extra boilers are always ready or available if they’re needed, which means you’ll never be caught by surprise or unable to meet your steam needs.

Fuel Efficiency

College campuses are usually conscientious when it comes to costs, as they should be. After all, they want to be spending as much of their budget on educational services. This means finding boilers that are cost-effective so that the university can spend as little as possible on things like steam without skimping on the needs of the campus.

Compared to older, fire tube boilers, Miura’s modular boilers are far more fuel efficient, which can lead to a massive amount of savings on fuel costs over the long run. Miura’s boilers can also run on several different types of fuel, so campuses can make changes based on the cost of different types of fuel. This can be a great way for university campuses to reduce both their fuel consumption and their fuel costs by simply upgrading their boiler system.