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Choosing a Steam Boiler for Chemical Processing

Choosing a Steam Boiler for Chemical Processing

Chemical processing companies typically run a complicated operation. There is a lot of equipment that contributes to the creation of industrial chemicals. One important part of the puzzle that shouldn’t be overlooked is the boiler system that helps reactors to heat up and cool down at the appropriate times. Let’s take a look at what features chemical companies should be looking for when considering a new steam boiler.

Manage Fluctuating Needs

Most chemical companies don’t have a constant need for steam. Rather, that need tends to fluctuate during the course of the day. When it’s time for chemical reactors to heat up, large amounts of steam will be needed. But when it’s time for the reactors to cool down, steam demand drops considerably. This creates the need for a boiler that can start producing steam quickly but can also be shut off easily so that it’s not producing steam when it’s not needed.

Miura manufactures modular boilers that do just that. The “once-through” water tube design of Miura boilers makes it possible for them to start producing steam within five minutes of a cold startup, which is considerably faster than older, fire tube boilers. Since it’s so easy to get Miura’s boilers started, they can be turned to low or even turned off completely when steam demand drops, knowing they can be fired up again in a matter of minutes when needed.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance that industrial boilers require to continue running at peak levels is often overlooked. If a boiler doesn’t receive regular maintenance and tune-ups, it will become more vulnerable to malfunctions and drops in productivity, both of which end up costing money in the long run. Of course, shutting down a boiler for servicing can sometimes cause the entire operation to shut down, which also costs money.

With Miura boilers, these potential pitfalls are minimized as much as possible. The smaller size of Miura’s boilers makes them ideal for multiple installations, making it easy to take one boiler offline for servicing while keeping the other boilers running so processing doesn’t have to be interrupted in any way. Also, unlike larger, conventional boilers that can take multiple days to undergo proper maintenance, a simple inspection of a Miura boiler can be done in less than a day, so it shouldn’t take much time at all to get every boiler back to normal.

Low Environmental Impact

While companies in all industries should be aware of their environmental impact, it can be even more important for chemical processing companies. They are often under strict emissions limits that they have to meet, as they are usually under great scrutiny from regulatory agencies. It’s impossible to avoid releasing harmful substances like NOx and CO2 into the air, making it vital to find a boiler that can help reduce those emissions as much as possible.

With Miura boilers, chemical processing companies can drastically reduce their emissions of NOx and CO2. Miura boilers have a much lower flame temperature than traditional boilers, which then limits the amount of nitrogen that escapes to form NOx. Companies in any industry, specifically chemical processors, can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and meet emission regulations with the help of Miura boilers.