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Choosing a Boiler for Automotive Manufacturing

Choosing a Boiler for Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing industry often uses steam power in a variety of applications that include sterilization, vulcanization, and other processes that require fluctuating load demands. Miura steam boilers are increasingly being used in factory powerplants throughout the United States automobile industry to manufacture everything from tires to carbon fiber. Compared to traditional industrial boilers, Miura offers the automotive industry a number of advantages for their motor vehicle manufacturing process that includes efficient, reliable and safer operation, as well as eco-friendly or “green” advantages. This manufacturing standard supports a number of initiatives ongoing in the automobile industry.

Greater Efficiency

A key advantage of choosing a Miura industrial boiler for automotive manufacturing is their modular design, and On-Demand steam technology, which allows users to enjoy steam systems that are just as powerful as conventional boilers, but far more efficient.  Miura boilers can reach full steam from a cold start in less than 5 minutes (as compared to conventional boilers that require hours), a unique advantage that allows user to turn modular units on or off depending on load demand, conserving resources, saving fuel costs, and increasing equipment life.

Compactly-designed, with a smaller footprint, Miura boilers also reduce the need for large physical space, while ensuring easier installation and ongoing maintenance requirements, two additional advantages for the automotive industry.

This reputation for outstanding boiler efficiency has resulted in more companies in the automobile industry choosing Miura’s “once-through” watertube boilers in lieu of the much larger conventional firetube boilers.

Green Advantages

Miura, which recently celebrated its 60th year in business, has maintained a corporate philosophy of resource conservation and safe, efficient operation since the beginning, a tribute to the visionary founders who understood the importance of preserving the environment and supporting the critical needs of their customers.

Today, these “green” manufacturing standards are being adopted by every forward-thinking company, and Miura boilers are certainly standing-out in the automotive manufacturing industry.

As stated above, Miura’s impressive “full steam in under 5 minutes” eliminates hours of start-up time, while conserving resources and reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. During lower demand periods, Miura’s modular boiler design allows users to turn off a unit (as opposed to wasting fuel in idle), further reducing emissions and energy consumption.

Miura’s highly-efficient low-water design also saves water, an advantage that has allowed some users to maintain full production even while operating in drought-stricken areas.

Respecting our resources and environment is fundamental to every aspect of Miura’s “Total Steam Solutions” including our exclusive    BOILERMATE ® water treatment, a silica-based naturally occurring mineral that allows users to maximize the life of their system without using harsh chemicals.


Reliability has always been a trademark of Miura boilers. Some users consider it a by-product of Miura’s commitment to innovative technology and smarter engineering, along with easier installation and maintenance requirements.

Automotive industry users who choose Miura typically switch from their large firetube boilers, while the early adopters of Miura’s Made in the USA boilers stay with Miura when the time comes to replace their boilers.

Satisfied customers are evidence of Miura’s reliability, while customers who switch to Miura typically make the move after seeing a demonstration or speaking to our existing customers.


Miura steam boiler systems have the best safety record in the industry, and while today’s boilers are safe, boiler experts continue to believe that Miura’s watertube design is inherently safer overall when compared to conventional firetube boilers.

With more than 150,000 units in operation worldwide, Miura has never had a pressure vessel explosion resulting in casualty. The company’s “safer-by-design” engineering, combined with their unique boiler geometry, means that catastrophic vessel failure is practically impossible, and day-to-day safety issues related to installation, operation, and maintenance are greatly reduced.

In addition, Miura features a range of safeguards to ensure energy efficiency, reliability, and safest-in-the-industry operation, advantages that appeal to more and more automobile manufacturing companies.

The Best Steam Boilers for Automotive Manufacturing

Ever since the Ford Model T put Detroit on the map in the early 20th century, the automotive industry in North America has been driven to lead the way with innovative and smarter personal motor vehicles and commercial vehicles. The incentive to innovate is why more and more steam users are turning to Miura steam boilers.

Our efficient and eco-friendly modular water tube boiler systems are comprised of multiple boilers that work together as a single-boiler system through one master controller. They are ideal for handling fluctuating load demands, which in turn leads to optimized efficiency and performance for large-scale manufacturing facilities that include the automotive industry.

Over the years, technology has moved from large, single boilers with very imprecise load matching capabilities to multiple, smaller boilers operating as one steam system that can match precise steam requirements, and Miura has been the recognized leader in that transition.

Curious to learn more about why a Miura boiler system is an ideal fit for an automotive manufacturing operation? Call Miura America at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.