How Quick Ship Xpress Saves Your Facility Money

If you’ve ever had an industrial boiler break down, your first instinct is usually to order a rental boiler as soon as possible. After all, odds are your facility can’t function without a working boiler for very long. However, in this case, your first instinct may not necessarily be your best option. Instead of renting a boiler when your current one has a problem, buying a new boiler from Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program can help you get a better boiler and save you money at the same time.Contact Us

colormetrial hardness detector

One serious issue to be aware of when working with industrial boilers is scaling. This is when the hardness of the water inside the boiler gets so bad that it turns into hard calcium, which is also known as scale. Scaling can drastically impact the efficiency of the boiler, forcing you to use more fuel and get more frequent servicing in order to make the boiler function. Fortunately, Miura offers a colormetry hardness detection system that can help you prevent scaling before it becomes a problem.Contact Us

modular steam boilers are the future

For a long time, large fire tube boilers were virtually the only choice when it came to industrial boilers. But times are changing. Thanks to the innovations of companies like Miura, modular water tube boilers are becoming a viable option for companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. The technology of modular steam boilers has become so sophisticated and advanced that they are starting to make traditional fire tube boilers obsolete. Here are a few reasons why modular steam boilers are the future of steam.Contact Us

Just like buying a new boiler is a big decision, choosing a boiler service provider to perform repairs and routine maintenance on your boiler is not something to take lightly. Remember, you’ve invested a lot of money in your boiler — you need it to run efficiently for as long as possible. Here are four things to consider when choosing a boiler service provider.Contact Us

Miura’s compact, modular boilers take up roughly 50% less space than most conventional boilers. This creates the possibility of implementing a modular system of multiple Miura boilers in the same space as one traditional boiler. Not only will this create more space in your boiler room, but a series of multiple Miura boilers will be more powerful and efficient than one conventional boiler setup.Contact Us