Choosing a new boiler for a hospital is not a task that should be taken lightly. Hospitals rely on their steam boilers for providing heat, maintaining proper humidity, sterilizing important instruments, and providing hot water. When you choose a new boiler, it’s imperative that you choose the right one since the hospital will need that boiler for at least a couple decades. With that in mind, here are the most important questions that need to be asked when shopping for a new steam boiler for a hospital. Contact Us

One of the most common myths that we encounter is the idea that Miura boilers call for specialized water treatment.

While Miura boilers are designed differently than conventional firetube boilers, the basic water treatment requirements for these boilers is no more specialized than any other boiler on the market.Contact Us

Industrial boiler maintenance is critical for ensuring optimal efficiency and safety of your facility.

Because steam boiler problems typically occur over a long period of time, regular monitoring and smart boiler maintenance go a long way in avoiding failures or catastrophic disasters.

Industrial Boiler Chemical Treatment

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All boilers are made out of carbon steel. While carbon steel is a very durable metal, the water inside the boiler must receive regular chemical treatment in order for the metal to stay in tip-top shape. Chemical treatment prevents non-condensable gases from getting inside the boiler and wreaking havoc through what is called "oxygen pitting."

"Over time, the impurities in the city water that comes through your boiler can produce hard scale," Brandon Hargett of Boiler Masters, Inc. explains. "Hard scale is essentially a deposit buildup inside the boiler that latches onto the metal and tubes and reduces heat transfer. The reduction in heat transfer is what makes your efficiency go down and your fuel costs go up."

To prevent this, we recommend using a water treatment solution such as BOILERMATE®, a silica-based product that controls corrosive ions in boiler water without adding harmful chemicals.

Steam Boiler Inspections

Boilers must be regularly inspected by law for safety, but it also helps you identify any weaknesses in your boiler’s efficiency. Inspections can identify areas of corrosion (rusting of steel parts) as well as threats of insulation failure and tube failure caused by oxygen pitting.

Steam Boiler Monitoring Systems

Regular monitoring is the key to ensuring there are no surprises during periodic inspections. Boilers should be monitored by trained maintenance personnel who know what to look for in a compromised boiler system. Of course, even the most trained eye can overlook a potential issue, which is why it helps to have

the appropriate ancillary tools and systems for streamlining steam boiler maintenance, such as the BL Micro Controller Boiler Control System and the Colormetry Hardness Detection System.

And of course, every Miura boiler is equipped with the MOM System. Short for “Miura Online Maintenance,” MOM monitors the operation of your boiler, alerts your staff to potential issues, and assists in diagnosing and troubleshooting of any problems that may arise with your boiler. MOM is also capable of connecting with Miura’s own in-house engineering team, which allows for speedy, remote assistance with any troubleshooting.

Steam Boiler Safety: Frequently Asked Questions

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What Facility Engineers Should Look For in a Steam Boiler

Part of the job of a facility engineer is monitoring that facility’s boiler to make sure it’s running properly and efficiently. Of course, when it’s time to find a new steam boiler, the facility engineer will also have heavy influence with regard to what boiler the facility purchases. Thus, facility engineers should know what their top priorities should be when looking for a new boiler. If you work as a facility engineer, here are a few of the features you should pay attention to when looking for in a new steam boiler.Contact Us

Miura boilers are a perfect match for a wide-variety of industries, including everything from large college campuses to small craft breweries. However, we’re most proud of the way our boilers help those in the healthcare industry. With the way our boilers help facilities save space and easily adjust to fluctuating steam needs, they are ideal for hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities. The compact size of our boilers also makes it easy for hospitals to comply with the N+1 system requirements.Contact Us